5 Strategies for Solo Parenting

  In the first few months, maybe even a year, of being a sole parent, I would get very impatient with women complaining of being a “single mum” when their partners left for business trips or longer assignments away from home. No, I wasn’t just impatient, I was right down angry. What would THEY know about being a truly single parent??? Several years on and I find myself much more … [Read more...]

Once upon a time… Easy Peasy Crowns & Tiaras

  These simple crowns are created from paper scraps so they are cheap to make and you can feel good about recycling at the same time. Of course, we added a few fancy bits and pieces like feathers and plastic jewels but anything goes with this project. This is how we made them...   YOU NEED • Paper scraps, of all shapes, sizes colours and patterns. Some will need to be the … [Read more...]

Blogging: What defines a Sponsored Blog Post?

When I take the time to read a blog post, I only expect honesty. As a reader and as someone who blogs I would appreciate a definition of what is considered sponsored. I have read numerous guidelines and understand disclosure. Nevertheless there are no clear instructions as to when you have to state "This a sponsored blog post". Bloggers have words we want to share online and hope that someone out … [Read more...]

Facebook Behaviour: To err is human but not on Facebook.

Facebook has interwoven itself  into many of our lives in that it is a daily integrated routine, like brushing teeth or making the school lunches. On waking  it may possibly be one of the first things you now do, as you log in to check your Facebook page. I know I do. Logging onto my business page Easy Peasy Kids to check if everything is running smoothly (no nastiness against comments or people … [Read more...]

Easy Peasy Kids: Apple Print Painting

Here's something that we enjoyed creating on a cold and rainy day.  There wasn’t anything particularly special about this activity; to be honest they may not even make it to the fridge display. It was as simple as providing the materials and watching my girls explore and create happily. Create they did, some simple yet wonderful Apple Print Paintings. Why apples? mostly because they were looking … [Read more...]

I’d like to know 11 things about you. I’ll start with me.

It is an incredibly busy time of year and I really should be working on crossing to do’s off the list, or start picking up clothes off the bedroom. You know those times when you really feel you should be something but you can’t be arsed bothered. I blame Lana, someone I’ve never had the pleasure to meet in real life, yet I was drawn to her blog post “11 things you probably don’t know about … [Read more...]

Child Behaviour Consultancy Easy Peasy Kids has a new home

Nearly three years ago I decided to follow my dream of working with children and changing their behaviour and I established Easy Peasy Kids. My dream is now very real, I live it everyday and I'm totally loving every single moment. My initial dream had also factored in; more time at home, no stress being my own boss, seeing families and children perhaps once a week which would allow for heaps of … [Read more...]