Behaviour; What do you find unacceptable?

Behaviour; What do you find unacceptable? It has been an emotional year on many fronts, not only for me but for many of you, such is life an ever changing situation, that we cannot control. As a child I craved adulthood imagining that as a grown up it would be easier to change and comprehend the ins and outs of human behaviour and the complexity of our world. Why does someone abuse a child? Why … [Read more...]

Child Behaviour: Making an Uninterrupted Phone Call with Kids

How to work from home with children   You child could be sitting there quite happily, playing away, when ring ring there goes the phone. The child looks up , its competitor - the phone has got mum's attention. "Yes, I know I was quite happily doing my own things a minute ago but now that you are on the phone, I really need your full attention!" "Look at me mum, look what I can do, let me … [Read more...]

Parenting: Alzheimer’s and my children “I don’t want granny to die”

Parenting: Alzheimers and my children "I don't want granny to die" When my seven year old son looks at me with  pockets of tears welling in his blue eyes and whispers in a broken voice as he tries to keep himself from crying uncontrollably "Mummy I don't want granny to die" I hug him. I hug him so very tight, kiss his forehead and  breathe my words out softly back "I don't want granny to die … [Read more...]

Child Behaviour: A Child’s Imagination is an Insight to their World from the Best Toy ever to Talking with Aliens.

A Child's Imagination is an Insight to their World A child's imagination is more than just make believe, it is an area that sparks their creativity like no other an outlet for them, leading to open ended  play and endless possibilities where they can be anything they want to be. It is fantastic aspect of childhood an imagination that allows you to be exactly who you want to be in that moment. The … [Read more...]

New Website created by Mothers for Parents of Children on the Spectrum “Autism: In Our Own Words”

New Website created by Mothers for Parents of Children on the Spectrum "Autism: In Our Own Words" I am in awe of this amazing commitment by this inspiring group of five mothers who are reaching out to help and assist families with children on the spectrum. I have many words to describe these women; real, honest, big hearts, funny, encouraging  and genuine and I am very happy to say and honoured to … [Read more...]

Crying:The Language of Tears By Pinky McKay

Crying: The Language of Tears By Pinky McKay Pinky McKay mentored me last year, to have Pinky guest posting here is an honour. It seems there is nothing like infant crying to stir up confusion and strong feelings among mothers – and anyone else who wants to offer their ‘two bobs worth’. How often do we hear, crying is good for the lungs (like bleeding is good for the veins?), or if you pick him up … [Read more...]

Little People have BIG Feelings

Little People have BIG Feelings If I had a dollar for every person in the past couple of months who has said to me “Kids are resilient … they adapt easily … don’t worry about it” I could probably retire. In mid-November we moved “home” to Sydney after a 16 month stint in Melbourne. My husband and I really looked forward to returning to our good friends and the house we had worked hard to renovate … [Read more...]