Unicorns aren’t real but Breast Cancer is.

This Mother's Day, I am dressing up in my unicorn onesie, putting on my runners and carrying a pink unicorn as I am participating in the Mother's Day Classic, in Melbourne and raising funds for breast cancer research. Every extra dollar I raise through fundraising goes towards vital research into the prevention and cure of breast cancer. I have the support of a great team Bust-A-Move. Although … [Read more...]

Support for Mums: Win a Gala Night out in Melbourne

An easy peasy give away : I'm looking for a mum who would like to join me in this very special night out next Thursday 2nd May at 7.30pm. I have purchased my ticket and one extra as I thought someone would like to keep me company. Support For Mums: How to Enter   Head over and Like the Support for Mums Facebook page , and leave a comment below, telling me something about yourself that will … [Read more...]

National Bandanna Day – Helping Young People Deal with Cancer

 National Bandanna Day - Helping Young People  Deal with Cancer Young people living with cancer often find their lives racing ahead at lightning fast speed or completely slowed down by the intrusion of cancer. Those who have a parent or sibling with cancer find their lives sped up by having to take on extra chores and responsibilities. Young people with cancer find their lives put on hold by … [Read more...]

Blogging For Good Causes: The Fish Slap

Blogging For Good Causes: The Fish Slap  " Who do you think you are ? Are you nuts? You can't change anything, this is life get use to it!" A comment I hear daily, a comment that does not stop me but makes me even more determined, more passionate and more YES I can do it. I appreciate we all have incredibly busy lives, we all have stress and we are all juggling everything 24/7. Personally juggling … [Read more...]