My Happy Place Day Eight

My Happy Place Day Eight This is probably my shortest post ever as I am about to dash out the door, for Miss 15's School Speech night. This morning when I realised Speech night was on, my heart sunk and I thought here's four hours of my life I will never get back. Throughout the day, this thought changed to accepting tonight as a time to reflect on my daughter. A daughter who I am so very proud … [Read more...]

My Happy Place Day Seven

My Happy Place Day Seven   Well that certainly was a very hectic week, I have downs but I've had plenty of ups and I really believe that having my Happy Place has changed me back to the old Happy Nathalie. I feel much stronger emotionally handling my Mother's Alzheimer's and my ever increasing work load. I made the time to go out twice this week, which is a rarity for me but I feel so … [Read more...]

My Happy Place Day Six

My Happy Place Day Six I was never very good at Maths and it is still not my strong point, I look at Miss 15 who does accelerated Maths homework and feel completely out of my depth. I have no idea what she is doing or even how to use the giant contraption which looks like a calculator. At school my downfall was Maths, so my parents very kindly found me a maths tutor, the only upside was that my … [Read more...]

My Happy Place Day Five

My Happy Place Day Five     Today my Happy Place is right here as I type, I look forward to coming into my office and spending  sometime remembering my Happy moments, especially when the week has been very busy. This morning I felt I should catch up on a heap a work, I owe many guest posts and some reviews and give aways, yet for some reason or another I was not really in the mood, … [Read more...]

My Happy Place Day Four

My Happy Place Day Four This was on my Facebook wall today and it made me happy and I tried so hard to keep that feeling of happiness all day. I am happy that I'm doing this Challenge and I really do love all your comments and those of you who have linked up your blogs. I  enjoy the variety of Happy Places and everyone I've read has made me happy. My Happy Place Sometimes Sometimes I try so hard … [Read more...]

My Happy Place Day Three

My Happy Place Day Three I am happy this very moment  because finally I have managed to get myself to the hairdressers. I rarely have time to pamper myself, although I see this as a real necessity. Working with children I'm sure don't want to scare them. Their honesty with me is refreshing and grounding "Miss Nathalie you have a lot of granny hair, it's all white" was the clinching line for me too … [Read more...]

My Happy Place Day Two

My Happy Place Day Two After three years of trying to have a baby and being checked by what felt a million doctors and specialists I was told that due to no particular reason, it did not look like I could. My heart felt like it had been torn out of my chest and stomped on hard. Here I was passionate about kids yet unable to have any of my own. We were told we could pay for IVF or ICSI, I decided … [Read more...]