My Happy Place Day One

My Happy Place Day One One way I get my Happy Thoughts working is by reminiscing and thinking about moments I've had with my family and friends. You know those moments where you laugh so hard that it hurts your face there is nothing more powerful than the connection of laughter and giggles. Lately I have not had that laughter, at times feel so overwhelmed with my darling mum, that in the moments … [Read more...]

My Happy Place Preparation

My Happy Place Preparation Hello  Lovely and Supportive Friends, Wow I am  really chuffed to see so many of you here and I really appreciate you coming along on this 30 Day Challenge, with me. September was a really tough month for me and as you all know with my mother having Alzheimers I've been struggling to be Happy Nathalie. My four best girlfriends live in the UK, I work mainly alone and it … [Read more...]