Motherhood and Judgement – It’s not about you!

    Motherhood and Judgement - It's not about you! This is one of my first blogs, which I'm resharing, judgement never seems to go away, so we need to learn to ignore it and move on. Through my work  I am privileged to meet so many  awesome mothers. Yet nearly every single one feels judged which really saddens annoys me. They talk about how they feel judged by others, how they are … [Read more...]

Child Behaviour: Making an Uninterrupted Phone Call with Kids

How to work from home with children   You child could be sitting there quite happily, playing away, when ring ring there goes the phone. The child looks up , its competitor - the phone has got mum's attention. "Yes, I know I was quite happily doing my own things a minute ago but now that you are on the phone, I really need your full attention!" "Look at me mum, look what I can do, let me … [Read more...]

Parenting and Mother genes; The Destroyer, The Hit-man, The Vulture and the Missing Link.

Parenting and Mother Genes; The Destroyer, The Hitman and The Vulture and the Missing Link As I type this it feels like a truck has driven into the right side of my jaw yet I sit here typing, well I can't sleep I'm too sore. The pain in my jaw is an infection, I won't go into all the details, but I only  ever feel extreme pain due to having had Guillain-Barre syndrome sixteen years ago, which has … [Read more...]

Child Behaviour: A Child’s Imagination is an Insight to their World from the Best Toy ever to Talking with Aliens.

A Child's Imagination is an Insight to their World A child's imagination is more than just make believe, it is an area that sparks their creativity like no other an outlet for them, leading to open ended  play and endless possibilities where they can be anything they want to be. It is fantastic aspect of childhood an imagination that allows you to be exactly who you want to be in that moment. The … [Read more...]

Where did I put my Happy?

Where did I put my Happy? Thanks to Kids Business for giving me the opportunity to contribute to their Happiness inspires Happiness blogs. Happiness is one area that I strive to have  a little of everyday. So much so that I  run a monthly challenge a while back called My Happy Place as I  was really struggling to feel happy as caring for my mum who has Alzheimer's was taking its toll on me. … [Read more...]

Parenting: The Tooth Fairy “Mummy I’m Rich!” and be glad you don’t live in Mongolia

Parenting: The Tooth Fairy "Mummy I'm Rich!" Mr 6 seems to be losing teeth every week, so the Tooth Fairy has been frequenting my house quite often lately. As soon as Mr 6's tooth falls out I write on my hand the initails T.F. a reminder that the Tooth Fairy has to visit that night and so far so good. The Tooth Fairy has only forgotten once and after leaving her a kind note as a reminder, she … [Read more...]

I Want to Run Away! Do you ever want to Run Away?

I Want to Runaway There are days that I just want to runaway. I want to runaway from the voice in my head. I want to run from the mess in my house. I want to run and just be on my own. I want to drive far away and have no distractions, no sounds, I don't want to speak and I don't want to see anyone I just want to runaway. As a teen I wanted to runaway, runaway from school, the homework, the exams, … [Read more...]