Easy Peasy Woolly Wreath Tree Ornaments

woolly wreath

These wreath ornaments are an easy peasy craft for all ages, as well as inexpensive and not too messy (a bit of a change for us, my kids are glitter-obsessed!). I made these with the my girls who are four and five in an afternoon, and although it challenged their patience and fine motor skills they both managed to finish a wreath each. I was very proud! This is how you make them…

You will need: Chunky style wool (I doubt these ones I have are actual pure wool but you know what I mean, right?) I bought most of these from the sale table at Spotlight from $1 – $3 each  Ribbon,Twine for hanging,  Scissors and Thick recycled cardboard rings (see printable template at the end of this post)

Woolly wreath

How To: Tie a piece of twine into a loop and attach to the ring as a hanger. With little kids it might get in the way a bit and you can do this step at the end if you prefer.

woolly wreath

Cut a long length of the wool and tie it to the ring, then lop it around a few times just to get it started before you hand it over to your child.

Woolly wreath


It takes a fair bit of time and patience to wind the wool around and around, which is why it’s quicker and easier to use the chunky, extra thick styles for little hands.


Easy peasy kids

If they run out of wool that’s ok,  just tie a bit more on to the end. Smaller pieces are going to be a bit easier for them to handle.


When they are finished tie the end off and tie a piece of ribbon or a different contrasting style of chunky wool around the string into a bow. Miss R was very pleased with her wreath.

easy peasy kids

And, of course, some by me 🙂

woolly wreath

Click to print your template  for the wreath shapes


Love this activity I remember making woolly pom pom balls as a child with the basis of this activity. Great way to increase patience, focus and manual dexterity. Alongside communication and language skills as you talk about the feel of the wool and the colours too. Nathalie Brown






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Kate is a mother of two and blogger at The Craft Train. She aims to keep her craft ideas simple, achievable, inexpensive and creative – oh, and fun too. Hope you like them!

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  1. Yes, this made me think of the pom pom balls too! Perhaps you could set them up like pom poms and hang them til after Christmas then cut them to make the poms!! 🙂
    I really love this idea and think I might try it out with Miss Daisy!

  2. It triggered memories of making pom poms this way for me too, so many years ago! It would be interesting to make one with that thick textured wool.

  3. I LOVE Christmas decorations in any shape or form, and these are particularly attractive!

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