Once upon a time… Easy Peasy Crowns & Tiaras



These simple crowns are created from paper scraps so they are cheap to make and you can feel good about recycling at the same time. Of course, we added a few fancy bits and pieces like feathers and plastic jewels but anything goes with this project. This is how we made them…




• Paper scraps, of all shapes, sizes colours and patterns. Some will need to be the full length of an A4 piece of paper to make the strip for going around the head.
• Scissors, glue and a stapler
• Anything extra you want to decorate them with. My suggestion is just use anything you already have in the craft box, like glitter, jewels, feathers, textas, crayons, stickers, stamps  etc. There is no right or wrong for this project.


Our millions of paper scraps – some are from craft I do with the kids and some are left over from that time a few years ago when I tried my hand at scrap booking. I soon decided it took far to long to make each spread (having a background in graphic design everything needed to be PERFECT, and I spent a great deal of time hand-cutting out lettering with a scalpel and cutting mat. It took forever!) Digitally designing my own photo books is far more up my alley ;-)


Start with 2 strips cut lengthways from an A4 sheet of paper, approx 5cm x 297cm. If you are decorating with pencils or textas do this before you staple them into the shape of a crown.


To make the crown staple the 2 strips together at one end, then hold it around your child’s head to get the right circumference.


Staple it in the right place.


Decorate by sticking on the bits and pieces you have gathered together.


Let the kids practice their cutting skills by snipping the paper into shapes to stick on. If they get frustrated or it takes too long cut up a pile for them to stick on themselves.


Miss K’s crown, looking a bit like a headband from the glamorous roaring 20s


Miss R’s stunning rainbow feather band


A few more we made


This one was made by gluing right-angled triangles overlapping each other along the length of the band.


Too easy! Do you have paper scraps to use up in your house? This is a great way to get through them. For tons more fun craft ideas for kids try visiting my craft and play board on Pinterest.
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Kate is a mother of two and blogger at The Craft Train. She aims to keep her craft ideas simple, achievable, inexpensive and creative – oh, and fun too. Hope you like them!

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