Family Movies “Be Footloose and Flashdance back to your Tweens”

Family Movies what is suitable?

The lovely Colin Wee from Superparents, many weeks ago asked me if I wanted to help put together a list of suitable movies for Tweens. Due to a number of work commitments my response is very late and I can only hope Colin forgives my tardiness. His great post Rated PG Tween: No more a Boy. Not yet a Man, offers some fantastic movie choices from the past and recent ones too, he did his research well.

Now my research is not as thorough as Colin’s but my brain database of the movies I watched as a tween are still pretty fresh in my mind. They made a lasting impression.

Now I grew up in a very, very, very strict Catholic household, so sex was never ever talked about at home or even in school. So I although I watched many family movies, any adult content went right over my head. Only as an adult when I rewatched them to reminisce or show my Miss 15 how great the old movies mum use to watch were, did I get smacked in the head with the adult content: sex, prostitution, abortion, affairs, underage sex, drinking and drugs.

Family Movies follow the rating

So today as parents what do we let our children watch?  Are there enough family movies to choose from?I personally do follow the ratings, if I get bugged enough with “Well all my friends are allowed to watch it” I do watch the movie first before granting or denying permission. Tweens today know a lot more about what goes on in the adult world (far too soon for my liking), but that does not necessarily mean that we have to bow down to pressure and let them watch whatever they want. They think they are ready for it, but for many it sends more confusing signals into their already questioning and maturing mind.

So I’m not here to lecture but have just put together the movies I grew up watching and think I can safely say they had no detrimental affect on me – Time will tell.

Family Movies Some of the Classics

I wanna find Fame by dancing in Flashdance, even though I am an Absolute Beginner at Dirty Dancing. In my Never Ending Story, I want to be Footloose and look Pretty in Pink, before joining The Breakfast Club with my friends Flash Gordon, Pippi Long Stockings and Fletch.

Later I’m hoping to catch an Airplane to visit aunt Annie down on the Funny Farm, where Three Men and a Baby are chasing The Running Man because he threw a Cocktail at Mad Max and punched Rambo in his Steel Magnolias.

Then I need to work out how to get Back to the Future, whether to travel on Planes, Trains and Automobiles, I just know I won’t be allowed to carry on my Lethal Weapon. But I need get back before Herbie Goes Bananas so I can enjoy our Muppet Family Christmas.

I may need to be Trading Places due to St Elmos’ Fire and help the Little Women to the Police Academy as soon as they’ve finished working 9-5. Then I’ll Splash my way to the Secret Garden which at times can be a real Parent Trap but I shall call the Beverly Hills Cop, who is Crocodile Dundee’s mate and they’ll help me out of the Crossroads.

I’ll then catch up with my Three Amigos, wearing The Colour Purple, we will pick up ET via the seven eleven, as he came with No Batteries Included. We will talk about when Peggy Sue Got Married and her crazy Uncle Buck who was covered in Grease and kept saying he was the one and only The Wizard of Oz.


Any family movies you can add to this list, leave a comment.

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  1. LOVE grease my all time favourite hehe secret garden is such a beautiful story and i loved and still do love all the disney movies lol x

  2. Loved the movie selection! St Elmo’s Fire! Wow … what a fantastic soundtrack, wasn’t it? Thanks Nathalie. Enjoyed your post.

  3. jasmine says

    Thanks for reminding me about some great classics out there. This wiil be a help during the school hols!

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