Love Bites

Love Bites – At the Supermarket

Today Mr 6 accompanied me on the thrilling and exciting trip to the supermarket for our weekly grocery shop. I say thrilling and exciting because with children you just never know what could happen in any moment of any regular day.

Mr 6 had helped with the writing of the shopping list so that it spanned across 3 pages of A4 paper with his BIG writing and the occasional picture next to the item on the list “Just so you know what you are looking for mum”.

Mr 6 was very helpful in the supermarket and in no time at all we had our trolley full, I only ever get a small trolley as Mr 6 likes to push it along and I know that once items start to fall out, that’s the end of the shop.

So off we head to the checkout, at the checkout I’m sorry any male readers but I avoid male checkout assistants because their grocery packing leaves a lot to be desired, I also avoid the trainees (yes I know everyone has to learn but I lack time when I have a carer at home with mum, time out from home costs me a lot of money).

Anyway there we are unpacking the trolley and Mr 6 is chatting to the very nice checkout girl and then says shouts “Oh no, you are hurt so badly, you are very brave working when you have had an accident!” Before I get a chance to interrupt or find out why Mr 6 is saying this, he continues with “How did you fall on your neck?” The checkout girl is now very red and looks at me, I look at her and see one very big love bite /hickey on her neck. I smile one of my biggest smiles, the checkout girl is bright red and frozen, her redness actually fades the love bite out.

Mr 6 is till rambling on “Did you fall on something, did you get punched, do you do Taekwondo and get kicked?”

So Mummy had to step in to the rescue and I wanted to use some words of wisdom with him, get down to his eye level and explain that we should not comment loudly on other people’s appearance and we have to think of the other persons feelings. Did I do that? No, no, no , I reached over to the stand and gave him a Kinder Egg , I used the distraction technique and we spoke about it in the car on the way home. No, I did not tell him what a love bite was…, there’s plenty of time for that and mummy’s hairy bottom.

Would love to know your awkward moments
and what did you do ?

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Nathalie Brown

Child Behaviour Consultant at Easy Peasy Kids
Child Behaviourist and researcher. Creator of "Less tantrums. More smiles". I look at the bigger picture and think outside the box when working with children and their behaviour. Their world is different. As adults we sometimes forget this. Happiness Creator in my spare time. Eater of chocolate and cake.

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  1. This is hilarious – and very well handled by your lovely self, of course! Can’t wait to introduce you to my friend next w/e you wise woman!

  2. Nicole aka _wideeyedgirl says

    This has given me the biggest smile after such a sad day (wrote about the boy that got run over) thank u for sharing such a brilliant and hilarious moment – now I’ll have sweet dreams – TA xxx

  3. Thank you so much for making me smile, Nathalie 🙂

  4. Marita says

    That is so funny 🙂

    Heidi when she was about 4yo spotted a person in shopping centre food court who had only one arm. She asked them in very loud voice ‘are you Captain Hook?’

    I distracted her with lunch.

    Yay for distractions.

  5. hehehehe ahhhh your little man never fails to make me smile 😉

  6. I am telling you… Write a book “Mr 6 says the darnedest things”
    Come on N, you’ve got the time…Xx

  7. He does seem to say the funniest and cleverest things! And yes distraction definitely underrated x

  8. Vanessa King (@ladytoastmaster) says

    Love it, absolutely hysterical. No matter how careful you are they’ll always come out with something unexpected. You brought the whole incident to life really well to, fab writing!

  9. Awesome! – thanks for the laugh. Your boy is such a champ! Kristy – The Imperfect Mum XX

  10. That is too cute!! I love his innocence!!

    My daughter (who was about 5 at the time) had moved into the next aisle whilst shopping with me one day and yelled back to me…
    “Do you need those things for your f@nny mum?”
    With most of the supermarket staring at me I calmly replied “Not this week thanks Love”

    Probably the most awkward moment of my life!!

  11. Haha! I bet she’ll be wearing a scarf from now on…

  12. What a great story. Children really are innocent at times and you have to love then them for it. I have many stories similar to this.

  13. I just love (and cringe at) the honesty of children. My daughter loves to describe the people she sees out and about.

    One day (in the supermarket) she observed an incredibly obese man. Wanting to make sure I didn’t miss it, she called out at the top of her lungs – “Look at the really big man mummy, look. Do you see the really big man? Why is he so big mummy?”

    I suppose I should be relieved that the word ‘fat’ is not yet in her vocabulary but I did feel awkward. I steered her around and changed aisles.

    • It can be hard when kids speak up but most peolpe never get offended, they understand the innonce of a child and the way they speak

  14. Tina A says

    My little Miss is 1 1/2 currently and is starting to string words together! I know we’re not far off the above moments, and yep, distraction is the key! Explanation can come when you’ve manoeuvred the mine-field!

    Love you blog!

  15. Kellie B says

    That’s so funny. My daughter is nearly 4 and starting to say things but only to me so far like ‘my tummy is nearly as big as yours mummy’. Gee, thanks sweetie. It’s good to be honest though and she makes me smile.

    I made the embarrassing mistake of saying to a work colleague (in another division so we aren’t close) ‘so what have you been up to then’ gesturing at the hickie on his neck when he then informed me it was a birth mark. OOOPS! I wished I was 6 then.

  16. kerry santillo says

    Hee Hee, situation handled, love it!! kids are so inncent I hate it when they loose that. My son wasnt quite sure of bald men, and they are very common in supermarkets!!!! He did ask some one, a total stranger why he had no hair, and the man said his wife made it fall out!!!!!!!!!!! he said his wife must be nasty 🙂
    gotta luv it .

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