My Happy Place Day 15

My Happy Place Day 15


Today I am happy because of Easy Peasy Kids. I really love what I do.

I love working with children and they give me happy moments every single day.

I work or should I say play with toddlers and school aged children and I get to hang out with teenagers.

My passion for child behaviour started when I was a child myself. I always wanted to know why someone was upset, cross, alone, happy , angry and probably over analysed a lot of playground situations.

I remember having a very strong sense of justice and  my own children have inherited this trait as it has been mentioned in their school reports.

My Happy Place  – Children

I am fortunate that working with child behaviour, I am a mother and can therefore relate well with mothers and I taught as a computer teacher and understand the teaching side too.

Working with children and seeing their behaviour change is the best feeling ever, having happy children and happy parents just makes me smile and feel warm and fuzzy.

Life throws us so many things, many which we are totally unprepared for and some days, weeks, months it just all gets too much – this I can comprehend too.

Yet when you take just a few moments with your children to see their wonderment, awe and innocence, many things that seemed so bad can pale into less significant things. They are still there, just not feeling as bad.

I laugh a lot, the children and the teens have me in stitches. Many a time I’m just listening and many a time that’s all they need.

So my Happy Place is my work, everyday no matter what I have to deal with, it will involve a child or children, I am working my passion and that make me Happy.

These are Kate Harper stamps How cool are they

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Nathalie Brown

Child Behaviour Consultant at Easy Peasy Kids
Child Behaviourist and researcher. Creator of "Less tantrums. More smiles". I look at the bigger picture and think outside the box when working with children and their behaviour. Their world is different. As adults we sometimes forget this. Happiness Creator in my spare time. Eater of chocolate and cake.

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  1. Georgie U says

    You are so right. My children crack me up. I started doing project life (Becky Higgins) which is choosing a photo of the day every day and putting it in an album, plus journalling a bit about the day. It has made me see how many neat blessings are in my life – every day!

    I crack up when I think of my weedy Master 4 taking his top off, pulling a muscle pose and saying “Step right up, step right up, and see ‘mine’ muscles!”

    Todays happy place also includes thinking about Christmas, sunshine, and craft projects.

  2. Natalie Villa says

    I love your post today! I can relate. I love going to work, teenagers do laugh a lot more than we adults. I find I never walk out of school with a sad face, most likely I have a sore tummy from laughing.
    Everything you said was true, so today when my boy and girl come home, I’m gonna enjoy them just that little bit more! Thanx xx

  3. debbie says

    You are very lucky to have found your calling and to have such a rewarding job that you love Nathalie.

    Happy place 15 – Some days looking back on your day and trying to pin point happy moments is hard. Sometimes you have big moments you can pull up and other times you know you had a good day but it was full of lots of tiny moments that are hard to select one. That is what day 15 was like, it wasn’t a bad but nothing major stands out. It was full of lots of little sweet moments with my girls and that always makes a Happy day.

    • Debbie that is what those little Happy moments are about at I know I have some days where I struggle then I still always find something even if its small xx

  4. When your work is also one of your passions, it’s just not work anymore is it? Cheers to happy!

  5. Hannah Van says

    It is so good that you love what you do and to work with children it is pure blessing! They give you so much energy and fill your life with joy!

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