My Happy Place Day Five

My Happy Place Day Five



Today my Happy Place is right here as I type, I look forward to coming into my office and spending  sometime remembering my Happy moments, especially when the week has been very busy.

This morning I felt I should catch up on a heap a work, I owe many guest posts and some reviews and give aways, yet for some reason or another I was not really in the mood, so I took a mental health day and pottered. Normally I would feel guilty about this but not today, I believe my brain just  needed to stop and think of nothing in particular, I felt a little flat but acknowledge that and carried on doing nothing much.

My Happy Place This Week

  1. Hairdressers – Feel refreshed
  2. Meeting Dr Bron and Amanda (Mad Cow)- Fab night, lots of laughing
  3. Motivating Mums Business Breakfast – brilliant morning, lots of laughing
  4. Working in a Kinder with the very funny children – Laughed all day
  5. Miss 15 cooking Dinner
  6. Mr 6 Helping Miss 15 cook Dinner
  7. Making more progress on my books
  8. Going out to not just one but two events tonight.
  9. Reading all your comments and blogs
  10. Dancing and singing with my mum
  11. Reading funny homework answers  horses versus hores


I‘d love to know if you feel any different this week since starting My Happy Place challenge, I know I have still have had bad moments but feel I am handling them better due to my Happy place. What about you ?

I hope you all have  a great weekend, because I am out tonight, your comments may not show up until tomorrow, due to moderation and I will get round to respond over the weekend.  Help yourself to the link up.

Thanks again for being here

Love Nathalie x

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Nathalie Brown

Child Behaviour Consultant at Easy Peasy Kids
Child Behaviourist and researcher. Creator of "Less tantrums. More smiles". I look at the bigger picture and think outside the box when working with children and their behaviour. Their world is different. As adults we sometimes forget this. Happiness Creator in my spare time. Eater of chocolate and cake.

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  1. Natalie Villa says

    Wow day 5 of My Happy Place! Im enjoying this so much, after only 5 days I’ve realized that, I need to force myself to remember the good things in life and not only focus on the bad. I’m sure my mood has improved!
    It’s Friday night, and all the family is exhausted after a long week. Tonight we are having take-away and just relaxing. Moments like these make me happy! We are all together, safe under the same roof, healthy and just content to be in each others company. The simple things in life really are the best! ?

    • So true Natalie it is the simple happy moments that we remember. I too feel an uplifted mood this week and thats also down to you xx

  2. Rachelle says

    Today I got to print out some photos that I’ve been many to get around to for almost 2 years & I had a wonderful time looking back through them remembering=D

  3. Tonight Mr 4 gave me a tummy massage. How good is that? That was a very happy place.
    I’m lucky, I’m generally a happy person. So the happy place challenge hasn’t really changed the way I have been feeling this week. However, I think it is great to consciously reflect on what brings you joy. It’s a skill I will teach my children.

    • I can tell you are a Happy person 😉 and I’m very happy that you are here and contribute so much.
      It is an important skill to teach children especially when they get a little older.xx

  4. My Happy Place today is within my own heart and soul. It is from this place that I am able to experience the joy of sharing with those special people in my life. It is from here that I am able to draw the love and empathy for others which is the most important and valued thing that I can give to my loved ones.

  5. Looking at photo albums is one of my favorite things to do. It always brings a smile on my face and sometimes even tears of joy in my eyes when I see my son as a baby!

  6. The hores post made my night. The happy place challenge has been great. I told my husband I was doing it and he laughed at me. I told my students and they are making a good attempt to add to my happiness. They did tell me that I didn’t appear unhappy!
    My happy place today is a reflection of the simplier times, when I was carefree without carrying any of the burdens I do today. What was different? Everything. I was still a child, living a simple life, with minimal responsibilities. Music was my escape and i need to bring that back into my life.

    • Tiana I use the happy challenge with many of the teens I work with and the results have been amazing.
      Get that music going it really lifts the soul xx

  7. Claire says

    Today has been a pretty happy day all round but the best bit was the end of the day – kids bathed and hair washed without any objections (they are 4 and 2 so sometimes it does not go smoothly !! ) and put to bed in fresh bedding after stories, cuddles and milk from Mummy and Daddy.

    • Do you think the end of the day routine was easier because you are feeling happier? So glad you had a happy day.xx
      Fresh bedding uhmmm love it 🙂

      • I think that reflecting every day has definitely made me more aware of how many little pockets of happiness there are in a day. Even on the worst of days and I have had a few recently I am now enjoying and taking note more of those moments that makes me smile however small. RIght now the kids are playing happily by themselves and singing together “big smile” even if it only lasts for 5 minutes !!

        • Love your description little pockets of happiness :)and yes they may be brief but there are always some there. Remembering those always makes things a little easier xx

  8. Catherine says

    My happy place is at the airport as we start our first family holiday since Miss 1 arrived. Snacks packed check, iPad packed for kid entertainment check, favourite toy check first “are we there yet?” as we park the car at the airport – check! Love it! Bring on the plane ride!

  9. Jo Thomson says

    My Happy Place was getting to spend some quality time with my oldest daughter. We went on a school excursion to Underwater World. But I really enjoyed the time I could spend giving her all of my attention rather than being divided between the 3… It doesn’t happen often.

  10. debbie says

    My happy place today was once the kids were in bed my husband snuck out to pickup take away fried ice cream. 🙂 Its something special because before we had kid we would walk on the beach every night, on friday nights we would stop for dinner at one place and then walk to the chinese restaurant just for fried ice cream. Those are moments we look back on and miss. So it was so nice that he made the effort and popped out to surprise me.

  11. Happy Actual #5 (last two days I was ahead of myself):

    Yesterday I spent time with Miss 4 on the rug in her room doing a big alphabet floor puzzle. She was so enthusiastic about the task and eager to please and complete it. At the end she asked: Are you proud of me Mummy? I was. I asked her if she was proud of *herself*. She was. She normally hates jigsaw style puzzles and loses interest quickly.

    Then last night I went out to a late supper with some very cool Twittery Bloggy ladies (& one tag-along-bloke). ;D It was most enjoyable!

    • Miss 4 sounds gorgeous just like her mum. I too went out with some Twittery Bloggy ladies and had a very happy time. Mr Tag -a -long says Hi xx

  12. Loving reading all of the above comments! As I write this my two “monsters” are “playing happily” while daddy does his trumpet practice downstairs. The scales of his music combined with “3, 2, 1 let it rip…..!” somehow makes for a beautiful happy place moment. I feel blessed to have such a wonderful family – even if at time I (and them) don’t act it. Keep embracing the ordinary! Sooz.

    • The happiest moments don’t really need much and certainly nothing extravagant, its in your daily life where the happiness lies. Embracing the ordinary is what it is. xx

  13. I’m a bit behind… being on California time messes me up a little with the days. My Happy Place on Friday was a compliment from my new boss who said she was learning so much from ME and she’s been in the business much longer. I am always sharing ideas with her and she loves it and says I’m very inspiring. This is so opposite from the attitude I had from my old boss. Changing jobs was such a positive move for me. Happy to be where I am.

    • Lynn don’t worry about the mess up in times, it’s lovely to see you here at any point. How wonderful that your job change was so positive, your new boss sounds lovely and its fab she finds you inspiring xx

  14. Gladis Self says

    On Wednesday, I was cleaning our closet and found a picture of me and my husband when we were newlyweds. It brought back such moving memories. I felt really touched and refreshed!

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