My Happy Place Day Ten

My Happy Place Day Ten

What a busy been today. Up since five am to prepare for back to back appointments, which I’m happy to say were a great success.

So I am going to keep my Happy Place and Happy moments brief for today.

  • I am Happy I actually got through today
  • I am Happy that when I come home and everyone is happy to see me
  • I am Happy that I adore my job
  • I am Happy that I know you all won’t mind a short post 🙂
  • I am Happy that I found this quote because WOW it really is a great message. As a mother, wife and carer I can get  a little lost somedays but no matter what my children will always be happy I’m their mum and therefore exist.

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Love Nathalie X


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Nathalie Brown

Child Behaviour Consultant at Easy Peasy Kids
Child Behaviourist and researcher. Creator of "Less tantrums. More smiles". I look at the bigger picture and think outside the box when working with children and their behaviour. Their world is different. As adults we sometimes forget this. Happiness Creator in my spare time. Eater of chocolate and cake.

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  1. Rachelle says

    Two things made me happy. First catching up with a friend for coffee & good conversation. Second while shopping today my 2yr old keep saying ‘I want my mummy’ repeatedly. Little things that made me feel loved & happy=D

  2. Sandra Fragoso says

    I had a Happy Day today! Miss 2 had the best time at Preschool today. Missed her heaps! But luckily Nat came over & we ate Happy Meals!! Ha! Ha! We’re big kids at heart! We sat in the sun on a Picnic Blanket… Then in the afternoon Hubby & our 2 boys went to pick up their sisters… Everyone was Happy to see each other!! Gosh I’m tired & I did NOTHING! But at least I’m HAPPY tired!!!!

  3. Natalie Villa says

    Started my day off with a really Happy moment.
    This morning, my gorgeous God-daughter started preschool. I decided to ring her darling mother, also known as my best friend, to ask her if I could come along for this special moment in her life. As I saw it, I was there when she was born, took her first steps, turn one and then two, so I really didn’t want to miss out on this.
    She was SO excited! Not once did the smile on her face waiver. She posed as we took photos and didn’t look back once she had walked through the doors.
    I’m sure both my BFF and I were more concerned than she was. Gee, time really does fly, before we know it, little Miss 2 will be gradutaing from High School. But until then, we will enjoy every moment with her xx

    • What a divine Godmother you are, maybe I should have a baby and make you and Sandra Godmothers. You both rock and are sooooo lucky to be in eachothers lives.

  4. Jo Thomson says

    I took my girls to my Zumba class with me for the first time… Best bit… Watching Miss 2 dance along. She had the whole class smiling… So my Happy Place was shared 😀

  5. Kristine says

    Im happy today because I have time to post on here instead of in my journal 🙂 I’m really happy because my baby loves to laugh with me before he sleeps and no one else can laugh with him like me

  6. debbie says

    One of my happy moments today has been hubby and I laughing at myself as I’m in a bit of a state at the moment, after returning to the gym after years of not doing anything. My body aches everywhere just to sit down is pain and we have found it funny.

  7. Georgie U says

    Wow. That is such a great quote for my day today! . I’m going to allow myself a few quiet moments on pinterest – a fave happy place.

  8. Another tough one for me on day 10. Mr 1 kindly shared his cold with me (this was after he partied in my bed from 3am-4am!) so I was feeling very flat all day.
    Luckily, I know My Happy Place is always around somewhere, and as usual the kids helped me find it. I turned the Lego Duplo tunnel into a trumpet and had Mr 1 in stitches.
    Oh and today was the day I worked out that that Mr 1’s “Dadu” means Mummy (as opposed to “Dada” which means Daddy). Thanks Mr 1 for picking something really obvious…

    • Hope you are feeling better Krys, isn’t it great how very simple things make little ones laugh and how its the little ones that help us find our happy place. xx

  9. you are so beautiful.

    Inside and out.

    I found ONE of your cards to me today in an unexpected place at an unexpected time and it was the EXACT time I needed a smile.

    It is like you put it there to help me through a difficult day.


  10. Catherine says

    I love that quote – sometimes life gets so hectic I wonder why but I’m pretty sure there are a number of people who are glad I exist. I know there are lots of people in my world whom I am thankful for especially my husband. My happy place is being thankful that I am loved and respected by my husband. I think it is important to let him know (or anyone) just how important they are in my life. It is amazing to see what a difference a kind word or words of praise can do – he always has a positive comment for me that always lifts my spirits.

  11. In our busyness we sometime overlook the simplicity of being valued and appreaciated and it is important to remember that we are valued and to tell those we vaue how much we appreciate them x

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