My Happy Place Day Nine

My Happy Place Day Nine

I am a real bag of mixed emotions today and I am glad I have my Happy Place to turn to.  I nearly decided to skip a day, but I know I do have  many things to be happy about. It seems to be one of those days, when no matter what I do, eveything seems to be spiralling  a little too fast for me to control. I take one step forward and two back, yet I understand that there are days like this and I am trying to accept today for what it is.  An up and down kind of day. I stopped feeling sorry for myself and moved on, a bar of chocolate helped immensely.

My Happy Place Day Eight  – On My Soap Box


As you all know I am passionate about children, how they learn, how they develop, their behaviour and their general zest for life alongside their honesty and their innocence.

I am very fortunate that everyday I get an insight into their world and I can say with confidence that I learn more from them than any studying I do, I feel privileged and genuinely over the moon that  I do work  with a passion and real enjoyment.

I have a number of different roles when I work and one of them involves teaching children compassion, respect and acceptance. I teach this to children in kinders and schools, through made up stories, role playing, drawings, books, photos and discussions. It is never to early to start in teaching children these values.

Compassion, respect and acceptance form part of their emotional development  a life skill that will make them decent well rounded children and later on adults.

It also leads to the prevention of bullying, when children internalise that its not OK to judge and make comments on someones appearance or their differences.

Children need to understand that every single person is different and unique and therefore can also look, or act differently.

This post, had my tears flowing, I felt so much for gorgeous Tiffany and her daughter Ivy and I was also angry with the two girls who made the comments. I actually thought I am so glad their not my daughters. Then I stopped because of my role as a child behaviour consultant because I am always on the child’s side, in that I endeavour to see why they are behaving in a certain way.

Now these girls that made the comments, may have never been taught about compassion, respect and acceptance. They may have said nasty things before and no one explained that if you have nothing nice to say then shh those lips, maybe they were showing off in front of one another, maybe they really didn’t care because they have not been taught to care about other peoples’ feelings. Whatever the reason it is not acceptable behaviour and its something we should all be aware about and teaching our children, that words can hurt more than anything imaginable.

So from my Happy Place, I am happy that Tiffany has shared this with us, to make us all aware. I am happy that I promote compassion, respect and acceptance, with my own children and those I work with. I am happy that Ivy has such a strong and gorgeous mother. Tiffany is an amazing blogger and has a Facebook page too, head over and Like it Tiffany blogs from the heart.

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Love Nathalie X


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Nathalie Brown

Child Behaviour Consultant at Easy Peasy Kids
Child Behaviourist and researcher. Creator of "Less tantrums. More smiles". I look at the bigger picture and think outside the box when working with children and their behaviour. Their world is different. As adults we sometimes forget this. Happiness Creator in my spare time. Eater of chocolate and cake.

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  1. Rachelle says

    I have to say my happy moment came out of a sad moment. Last night my hubby & I had an argument. We went to bed not talking but I have a thing that we can’t part ways in the morning being angry. So we started to talk this morning & was reminded as we sorted out our problem just how strong & wonderful our marriage actually is. We can’t enjoy the happy moments without having sad.

  2. I was also sad when I read Tiffany’s post and sadder that I was not surprised. I remember girls like this from my childhood.

    It’s been a tough couple of days over here also. Our dog was bitten by a much larger dog on Sunday, so on Monday she needed surgery. As usual things could have been much worse, so I have to be happy about that.

    I also look for any other happy times, like when Mr 4 was pretending to be a vet so he could look after her, and how cute she looks with Mr 1’s old bodysuit on her to stop the blood from getting on the carpet. It’s not super happy, but it will have to do.

    • Krys soem days are just like that, hope your dog makes a quick recovery and I’m pleased you managed to find some little pockets of happiness x

  3. debbie says

    Good to hear I’m not the only one enjoying the therapeutic benefits of sweet treats!! lol 😉

    Regarding Tiffany’s post, my heart goes out to her it must be so hard to see your child hurting and being unable to protect them from it. Awhile ago while shopping my daughter (then 4) pointed at and started saying look mummy look at that little girl (she was in a wheelchair with tubes in her chest, mouth and hearing aides). The mother of the child heard and looked. I will never forget the look of surprise/relief on the mothers face as she watched me bend down to my child and say you don’t need to point thats not too kind, you can say hello she looks about your age. I then introduced ourselves to the mother who very kindly told my daughter about her daughter and her illness. I think our reaction to the situation is very important.

    Todays happy moments were going to the gym, digging in the veggie garden with my girls we pulled up potatoes we have been growing for months and my youngest singing to me as I put her to bed.

  4. Mmmm Chocolate. You handled the siyuation beautifully and I do understand when little children blurt out innocent comments, what concerns me is older children having disregard for another persons’ feeling.
    You sound like you had a wonderful day full of simple yet vary happy moments xx

  5. Sandra Fragoso says

    My youngest Miss 21/2 is starting Preschool tomorrow. Where her Sis goes Miss 31/2. I love seeing how excited she is. Walking around the house saying “PeaceSchool” She has so much confidence & is so intelligent. I can’t believe how much I cried for the 1st 2weeks when I found out one of her eyes will always be tiny & blind. Plus at time she could have Autism like her Brother. But!!!! She has been cleared of that & has developed with leaps & bounds… She is absolutely inspiring. I just hope their wont be anyone who will tease her cause she will unfortunately blow massive Rasperries back in their faces!. LOL! God please us!

    • Sandra that is such a happy place, she sound like she has amazing confidence and she would have that from you. What a beautiful and inspiring mother you are. Hope Little Miss has a fab day at pre school xx

  6. Louise Ring says

    After a very ordinary birthday week last week for both my daughter and myself I wasn’t in the best frame of mind today. But my happy moment came first thing this morning when the eggs I cooked for my son turned out perfectly and I made myself the perfect coffee, then I looked out the window to see a glorious sunny day. Small, simple things to some people but they put me in a lovely frame of mind to foresee a wonderful day unfolding ahead of me.

    • it’s amazing how our mind can change with simple happy moment when you are aware of them.
      I’m going to have a cup of tea now and an early night another happy moment. xx

  7. Natalie Villa says

    My happy moment happened at work. Today was Orientation Day for year 6 girls. All were very nervous as they walked into the High School. Spending the day with them and watching them make friends, gaining confidence and laughing reminded me of starting High School.
    I told them all that they would make some amazing friends, friends they’d keep for life.
    The best part was at the end of the day when a group of girls came and hugged me before going home with their mums/dads/relatives. It made me feel as though I’d done something VERY right today. I’m exhausted now, but looking forward to work tomorrow, hopefully I’ll get more hugs!

    • Natalie you are great at what you do, I’m sure the girls had a ball with you. It’s a good way to connect when you think back to your high school years and can remember what it felt like and use your experience to help the girls. Hugs are such a fab way that show you how much you mean to them. xx

  8. My happy place today was when a random thought came into my mind about the wonderful achievements that my three beautiful children have created in their lives. I know that I am biased about these young people but that is okay because I am their Mum and I can be. I have been so happy in my life lately that I am in a place where I can appreciate what I have in my life and to be able to bring some mindfulness moments into my day. I have had several years of struggling through a dark haze of depression and anxiety where although I outwardly probably looked like I was coping okay, inside I was drowning. But for now I am in a much sunny place in my life and am appreciating every day the fact that I can enjoy and love the life I have.

    • Its our job to biased as mums:) Very happy that the clouds have lifted for you and you can see the Happy pockets in you day xx

    • This is soooo true. I internalize everything that I think I have given myself ulcers! I hope that one day I will walk in your current shoes!

  9. Gosh I almost missed two because I just realised I missed yesterday!

    My happy news is that today I attended a school transition seminar, met the Secondary College Wellbeing officer and a mum of 5 kids, 3 of whom are at the school and a 4th next year. This has done a considerable amount to relieve my anxieties. I feel a bit of a weight off today. And after all the stress and deliberation over the past couple of months, that sure makes me happy!

    • So pleased that the High school is now sorted for you, it is a real worry the searching and the choosing. Glad it made you Happy xx

  10. Georgie U says

    This tummy bug seems to be spreading through the family… Rain and vomit sheets and blankets! My happy place today is:

    Choosing to be grateful it is a short lived bug. Also, just before, master 6 played ‘Mary had a little lamb’ on the piano and Master 4 and miss 2 sang along. It had me smiling. Miss two can’t pronounce ‘L’s yet, so it is “Mary had a ‘ittle ‘amb. I’m trying to take small moments with the children today as they crop up supporting them, and being with them in their play.

    Also, I discoved yesterday, on a phone call to my sister that revolved around our creativity and our tastes. Dwelling on those things for a bit lifted my spirits, so today whilst dealing with the aftermath of this bug, I’m going to try and think of some creative projects I’d like to work on.

    Liking this happy place thing!

    • Georgie so very inspired that through the rotten tummy bug , you are amking the time to find happy moments, I can really fel the diffrence in my attitude and I can see it in you too.
      Hope you all get better soon, I’m smiling imagining your children singing around the piano xx

  11. That story broke my heart. As a deaf child I was always worried when I would next be teased. Words spoken back then still get me down today. But I am so happy I am able to use my experience for something positive. When I was fifteen I vowed that when I was grown up, I would do something to help deaf kids. Embarrassingly I admit, I declared ‘I’d be like a Princess Diana to the deaf kids’! Well, I am now grown up and feel so happy I have begun the journey to fulfilling a childhood dream. No, I haven’t met a prince, but I have decided to study to be a Teacher’s Aid, the series of books I have always wanted to produce for children to learn how to treat special children is on the way (twenty years after my original idea!) and I have managed to deal with my own poor self-esteem issues relating to the teasing all those years ago. I am happy I have found my calling.

    First up though, there is a little girl I need to help. I wrote her a letter.

    • Kate you are an inspiration and so looking forward to your books. The post is beautiful , I need to go to your site and comment on all your posts which i will do 1st thing tomorrow. Thanks you for sharing so much Nx

  12. Michelle S says

    Happy place today was my friends 8yo boy giving me a hug as I left their house after looking after them. Put a smile on my face.

  13. I got to hang out with 2 of my students in clinic today for the 1st time this semester (we are in the 9th week) and it was refreshing to see their excitement and eagerness to learn. I love my first year students for this reason. Both of these students struggled with the demands of the program and the emotional strain that comes with it. I was pleased with how far they have advanced in such a short period of time and definately put a smile on my face!

  14. Georgie U says

    Happy place right now as my children have redefined what it means to jump in ‘muddle puddles’ (as Miss 2 calls them). They’ve ditched there gummies and are barefoot, running and skidding into them onto their bottoms. Washing – yes much, but the share look of joy on their faces makes my heart sing. Their happy faces are my happy place.

    • How much fun is that jumping in muddle puddles barefoot, my kids love it too even Miss 15 🙂 xx So true that your children’s happy face is your happy place. xx

  15. Catherine says

    My happy place today is the simple pleasure of the horsey ride on the crossed leg. Miss 1 never stops walking during her waking hours except if she spies someone with crossed legs. Squeals of delight echo through the house as she is launched into the air – the higher the ride the louder the laughter!

  16. Jo Thomson says

    I do reading with some students at my daughters’ school… My happy place was reading with one student that was really struggling earlier in the year. I am constantly amazed at how well she is progressing. High five to Miss E 😀

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