My Happy Place Day Seven

My Happy Place Day Seven


Well that certainly was a very hectic week, I have downs but I’ve had plenty of ups and I really believe that having my Happy Place has changed me back to the old Happy Nathalie.

I feel much stronger emotionally handling my Mother’s Alzheimer’s and my ever increasing work load. I made the time to go out twice this week, which is a rarity for me but I feel so much better for it.

I have come to realise that I shouldn’t stress when I’m feeling tired, it is the effect of being up with mum during the night. Now when I can I stop and have a quick nap if I’m home, or just take a quiet 10 minutes.

I have managed to set myself limits as to how much work I do, so my children and hubby have Nathalie time too, which has been truly wonderful.

I have so much passion for Easy Peasy Kids and I am so happy that every client I have seen is extremely happy with their outcomes and just love reading their thank your and testimonials.

My books are the next big item on my list, so I’ve decided to concentrate on the children’s one first and put my studies on hold until next year. There are only so many hours in a day 🙂


My Happy Place Day Seven Coming Home

Due to the busyness of Easy Peasy Kids, and being booked a few weeks ahead I visited a client today on Sunday. Which I do not mind at all because I end up playing, I teach a lot behaviour through play, so its pretty awesome fun for the child and me.

On the drive home, I was thinking I must really clean the house today which sucks but I’m not kidding when I say its probably the worse I’ve ever seen it, not that any of my family members care, they’re a happy bunch.

I pulled into the drive and was greeted by hubby with a glass of bubbles and kisses and whoops of joys from Mr 6. (Miss 15 is away ). I walked into the house and was gearing myself up for the clean and my darling hubby and Mr 6 had cleaned and vacuumed it all.

The happiness I felt on seeing the two men in my life tackle the house is unreal, as I write this hubby is cooking my favourite Spaghetti Bolognese.

So all in all I am in a very Happy Place right now and its is all the little moments that bring you happiness that get you through the hard stuff in life.

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Love Nathalie X


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Nathalie Brown

Child Behaviour Consultant at Easy Peasy Kids
Child Behaviourist and researcher. Creator of "Less tantrums. More smiles". I look at the bigger picture and think outside the box when working with children and their behaviour. Their world is different. As adults we sometimes forget this. Happiness Creator in my spare time. Eater of chocolate and cake.

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  1. debbie says

    You work so hard doing everything for others, so I’m glad to hear the men in your life knew just what you needed. A night off! Dinner always taste better when you don’t have to cook it. 🙂 My happy moment today was watching our little ones jump waves at wet n wild.

  2. Rachelle says

    What a wonderful family you have=). I did a clean up at my house & cleared a fee things out, which has made me feel good

  3. What a wonderful family you have. It’s great when family know what we need right when we need it. Hopefully next week’s pace is a bit less hectic for you.x

    • Yes I’m very lucky to have a wonderful family 🙂 I have another busy week but as hubby said “I’ve got your back”, makes everything possible.xx

  4. Hooray for the “men” in your life. Sometimes they now just what we need. I had a mixed bag today, but am deterined to keep finding happy moments everywhere.

    • Amongst your mixed bag , imagine a bag of lollies and reaching in and finding one of your favourites. Sometimes it is hard to find a happy moment but in your memories I’m sure you’ll find a happy place. xx

  5. What a lucky lady you are to have such wonderful boys who recognise that these little things brighten your day more than anything! I hope you enjoyed your spag bol.
    PS. I’d link up, but there’s no Linky today…

  6. Jo Thomson says

    The storm last night brought me to my happy place today. Admittedly whenever it rains the thought automatically pops into my head. It was my best date ever… Our first official date. We didn’t do anything too exciting, went driving and ended up at the old cementry. We parked the car, took off our shoes and went for a stroll in the cementry holding hands and looking at all the old tombstones…. In the rain. I would have been weirdly creeped out normally, but it suited him nicely. I was filled with such a strong rush of emotion… For some reason it just seemed perfect <3

    • Love how different things can bring back happy memories, whether its a smell, a picture or the weather. When it gets real hot in Melbourne, although stifling it reminds me of my wedding day in Spain, 43 degree heat which always brings back the best memories. I’m probably the only one grinning from ear to ear, whilst others complain about the heat. Love how romantic your first day was. xx

  7. Jo Thomson says

    And yay for the men in your life… I’m glad they made your day xo 🙂

  8. So glad to hear you got that pleasant surprise of loved ones taking a load off you. You deserve that and more wherever possible.

    This afternoon I watched a double decker busload of 22 4-5 year olds rockin’ the street outside our friends’ house. A 5 year old birthday party in a Gymbus full of our monkeys swinging, climbing and playing party games. It was awesome. Also a very simple pleasure.

    • Love the gym bus, they should have one for adults 😉
      A Happy place watching children having fun at a party is awesome, the squeels of laughter and giggles is the best tonic. xx

  9. A clean house would definitely make me happy too!
    My happy place today was found on the eliptical. I have always been good about exercising regularly, but since I started working full time almost two months ago, I have been using every excuse to not make it a priority. Even though I love my new job, I could tell my mood has been a bit off. I know from previous experience how much exercise helps me. Even when I’m super busy, just going for a 30 minute walk can help me clear my head and in the long run, be more productive. Why I let go of that these past two months, I don’t know, and for some reason I just couldn’t get motivated to start up again. Well, today was the day. I wanted to walk, but chose the eliptical in my room because I was looking rather scary and didn’t want to have to put myself together just to exercise. I only did 20 minutes, but it was something and I feel motivated to get back on a regular routine again! Yay!

    • Lynn that’s fab that you found and made the time for something just for you. I’m a walker and I alawys come back clearer headed and smiling xx

  10. Kate – My Dear Angel says

    What a lovely surprise! I was going to write about my little man today too. My Happy Moment is being woken up with the call ‘Mummy’ then bringing Master Two into bed with me. Daddy will have already gone to work much earlier. So it is just me in bed. I’ve managed to teach him that he can come in if he lies quietly. He snoozes for fifteen minutes or so, but my seven o’clock is getting restless. I love it when he declares ‘Mummy. Weetbix time.’ and proceeds to pull off my doona, not realising I am pulling it back up. It is a long process (with me giggling, pretending to be asleep).

    It is then our rare moment together as he helps get his breakfast ready before Miss Five wanders out. He wakes up so happy and ready for a laugh.

    Don’t mind that kind of ‘alarm clock’.

    • What a perfect alarm clock, and how self sufficient your boys are, they sound delightful.
      when I pretend I’m asleep Mr 6 starts Cockadoodling like a crow 🙂

  11. Catherine says

    I love the surprise clean and dinner. My happy place today is enjoying reading everyone else’s happy places. Keep up the good work everyone!

  12. Claire says

    That was so thoughtful of them – sounds like it has given a real boost to your happy place 🙂 My happy place was watching DS stroke a friendly cat in the playground – he is normally very shy of animals and this was a real treat to see

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