My Happy Place Day Twenty Eight

My Happy Place Day Twenty Eight

Well that weekend went a little quickly, as it always does.

I had a lovely weekend, I took the day off yesterday and chillaxed with the family and a gorgeous girlfriend that came around.  We had a barbeque and sat around talking, having a drink or two five – bliss.

So Saturday was a very Happy moment that lasted all day.

Today was also good but what I have in my head is what my friend said this morning, I was just about to start a cooking breakfast and said something to hubby and my friend said “You all speak so nicely to eachother” It stopped me in my tracks and she went on to explain that she loved the way we just got on with stuff and she felt very relaxed around us.

That was a happy moment too as I took it as compliment and felt good that we do talk nicely to eachother.  We are pretty laid back and we have no airs or graces, we get on the best we can and nothing is ever perfect but certainly relaxed and noice.

Working with behaviour, specifically child behaviour  some days  can be quite emotionally tough, other days are full of the joys of childhood insights, their innocence,their honesty, and the pleasure I receive from working with children must keep me quite child like in my attitude and I like that, keeps me from not sweating the pile of small stuff.

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Nathalie Brown

Child Behaviour Consultant at Easy Peasy Kids
Child Behaviourist and researcher. Creator of "Less tantrums. More smiles". I look at the bigger picture and think outside the box when working with children and their behaviour. Their world is different. As adults we sometimes forget this. Happiness Creator in my spare time. Eater of chocolate and cake.

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  1. Nat, I hope I too don’t grow up, if it means we still talk nicely to each other… sometimes it doesn’t happen, but mostly it does! Glad you had a happy weekend too (I’ve linked up to yesterday’s post).

  2. My Happy Place Thought of the day is another nuggets from Miss4:
    *little face at my bedside this morning says*:
    “Mummy I have something really important to tell you”
    Me: *drowsy* “Huh? Hello, what is it?”
    Miss4: “Mummy, what’s wrong with your breath? But that’s not what I wanted to say. I wanted to say, when you’re old, I want you to live in the house with me.”
    Me: “So you can look after me?”
    Miss4: “Yes. And so you can be a grandma to my kids.”
    Me: “And how many will you be having/”
    Miss4: “Eleven.”
    Dad wakes and faux whines: “What about ME?””
    Miss4: “Ohhhh- you can come too!”

  3. Georgie U says

    My happy place right now is your encouraging, thought provoking posts – here and on facebook (Nathalie). They keep me going!

    Also, I got a giggle out of the post above mine : )

  4. Natalie, I am lucky enough to work with young children too. My preschoolers keep me young, energetic and are always making me laugh and smile. I love that I can sing with my not so great voice and they think it’s wonderful. I love that I get surrounded with hugs and goodbyes when it’s time for me to leave for the day. I love that they get excited over a simple thing like finding a rolly polly. There’s so much to be happy about when you’re around children. Well, today was Sunday for me and I spent part of it at church, which is another place that is always happy for me. I love that special time to focus on my faith. The service was followed by a brunch in celebration of the anniversary of the church, so that was a nice treat and I was able to catch up with a good friend of mine that I don’t get to spend nearly enough time with. I also finished a big assignment for a class I am taking on Adult Supervision in Early Childhood Education. I had to write a paper on a leadership project that I feel passionate about. I wrote about nutrition and building healthy eating habits in young children. I actually referenced one of your blogs — the one about fussy eaters, so thank you for some great tips! It felt great to get that project done and turned in since this last week should be a piece of cake. I am also happy that I have a 4 day work week ahead of me — meaning a 3 day weekend to look forward to. 🙂

    • Lynn I feel instantly connected with you and your passion for children, it is so true how catching their joy for life is 🙂 There is nothing like it, we would make a fortune if we could bottle up their sheer joy at all the simple things that make them happy. Well done on finishing your assignment, i feel honoured to be included,hope the 4 day week whooshes past so you can really enjoy your 3 day weekend xx

  5. Catherine says

    My happy place today is meeting Mr 3s kindergarten teacher – she is lovely! I think he will love kinder next year – but I will miss him!

  6. Kate - My Dear Angel says

    I am so happy today, as I don’t drive (because I am visually impaired), that my two are so patient when it comes to public transport. I love our times waiting at the bus stop. They make it such fun.

    Today, on a hot afternoon waiting for the bus home from Kinder, Miss Five said “Can we come back to this bus stop? It is so much fun. I’m an airplane!” and off she flew again.

    • Kate you are the one that has taught your children the patience, and if you can be happy while waiting that is a brilliant life skill, I hope maybe oneday I can wait at a bus stop with you too, I would be a helicopter 😉 xx

  7. I had a pillow-fight with Mr 4 tonight. Our first one ever! I think it might be a regular occurrence from now on, as he’s talking about involving Mr 1 tomorrow. Oh dear, I think I’ll have to suggest we gang up on Daddy…

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