My Happy Place Day Twenty Four

My Happy Place Day Twenty Four

My Happy Place today is knowing that everyday I am managing to find happy moments even after a crazy busy day.

I am happy that although exhausted I managed to get back in time and read to Mr 6. I read for twenty minutes and said time for sleep now and Mr 6 offered me $10 to read to the end of the chapter. I read to end and let him keep his $10. Makes me happy he loves his reading time so much.

How great are the 15 things to remember?


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Nathalie Brown

Child Behaviour Consultant at Easy Peasy Kids
Child Behaviourist and researcher. Creator of "Less tantrums. More smiles". I look at the bigger picture and think outside the box when working with children and their behaviour. Their world is different. As adults we sometimes forget this. Happiness Creator in my spare time. Eater of chocolate and cake.

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  1. My little man loves me to read to him too… it was well past bedtime tonight but I knew just 5 minutes of story time would make all the difference. It did! He went to sleep much more quickly and contented than if I’d pressed the point. Seems I’m learning!

  2. debbie says

    Happy Place#24 It was a beautiful warm sunny day and I got to wear summery clothes and enjoy the sun shine!!

  3. Kate - My Dear Angel says

    Last night I dreamt of socks and I was in my happy place. I had actually forgotten how much I used to love socks (around twenty five years ago when sock designs came to life and there were sock shops). I used to say that one day I would design a range of socks! I remember whenever I was near DJ’s I’d go in and just look at the socks.

    My sock range these days is black or sports socks. This week I think I’ll go sock shopping and get myself some new colourful ‘happy’ socks. Something bright and fun.

    • My Hubby had a ties thing years ago with Tie Rack and would alawys wear ties with cartoons. Your sock memory gives me a happy memory thinking back to his ties. Have fun bright sock shopping xx

  4. Catherine says

    Oh I love that! Mr 6 sounds like a real character! Certainly knows how to win his mum over! My happy place today is enjoying the happiness of my little sister. She is in love! I am so happy that she has found a wonderful caring man that makes her happy. And the bonus is we all love him too!

  5. Georgie U says

    The other night I saw a programme where a psychologist goes back into the childhood of predator type criminals and exposed the types of abuse and neglect they are usually exposed to to get to that place.

    I am so happy that, despite the fact I often label myself as a bad Mum, that programme gave me a reality check – My gorgeous children are not exposed to neglect and abuse – physical or emotional. They are very very loved a valued. I’m also happy I have never had to ensure such hardship. I also have a very loving Mum and Dad.

    That’s something to be very happy about… Now to work on developing a realistic picture of what a good Mum is so I can stop beating myself up – easier said than done. Any ideas?

    • Studying behviour and working with behaviour, there is so much not so nice underlying stuff that effects so many. Sometime having a reality check does do wonders in making us appreciate what we have. There is no perfect mum just one that does what she can everyday, some days we do more than others and that is OK. So don’t beat yourself up, you only end up feeling worse. If your children are happy and content the majority of the time and they feel love and secure, then YOU are being a fab Mum. xx

  6. Natalie Villa says

    I love that 15 things to Remember!!! I’m gonna keep it!!!
    My reply is a little late, but yesterday was such a lazy day for I kept the kids home from school, why send them for half a day? (teachers strike)
    In fact, I was so lazy, I forgot to do my happy moment! Lol I think the whole day was pretty happy for me… Being able to take my time getting up & having breakfast, so nice. I even had dinner ready way before dinner time. Damn shame I’m at work now, cause when I get home I have plenty to do! But I’m sure there’ll be a couple of happy moments in there too! 🙂

  7. They are lovely things to remember! and reading to my children before bed at night is one of my everyday highlights! Though I’ve never been bribed with money before.. that’s precious.

  8. As I am reading the posts, my Mr. 10 is sitting on the couch next to me engrossed in the 4th Harry Potter book. He has never been too into reading, but this school year he began reading the series faithfully every night. It makes ME happy since it’s no longer a struggle to get him to do his 30 minutes of required reading. And love that the house is actually quiet and peaceful!

    • Wow I remember when my Miss 15 was engrossed in the harry Potter books, I don’t think I heard a peep out of her, so great your Mr 10 has got into reading, it is something I am passionate children do xx

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