My Happy Place Day Two

My Happy Place Day Two

After three years of trying to have a baby and being checked by what felt a million doctors and specialists I was told that due to no particular reason, it did not look like I could. My heart felt like it had been torn out of my chest and stomped on hard. Here I was passionate about kids yet unable to have any of my own. We were told we could pay for IVF or ICSI, I decided that after all the checks and probing  I already had done that I wanted a break.

I got back on with my life and as you can probably guess fell pregnant and had a beautiful baby girl. My baby girl is now Miss 15 and all I could ever wish for in a daughter. Throughout my whole pregnancy and even whilst in labour for 40 hours I still wasn’t convinced that I was having a real baby (you’d think the contractions would have been a big hint) but I kept thinking of phantom pregnancies and my mind was playing tricks, until she was born and placed on my chest.

The happiness I felt then was all encompassing and even today I can summon up that feeling just by looking at her. I wasn’t prepared at all for motherhood and although an emotional wreck, I would just sit and stare at my gorgeous daughter.

My Happy Place Revisited

Once I got used to the lack of sleep, my leaking boobs and got my head around motherhood, I really enjoyed being a mum. I was told by doctors how lucky I was to have a ‘Miracle Baby’ and lucky I felt indeed. I asked should I be on the pill “No No No, it will never happen again”

So sure was I it would never happen again that when my daughter was eight, we planned out move to Australia , well I did marry an Aussie. He had spent 14 years in London and wanted to move to Melbourne, I was all for it. We met In Melbourne and I love Melbourne. So we planned our move across the world.

Pretty stressful stuff moving across the world, I was leaving all my friends and my family, I was happy but emotional and stressed. I was teaching at the time and told the children, they cried I cried.

With all the stress, my periods stopped, when they stopped for a while I thought great menopausal at thirty six (menopause runs early on my mothers’ side of the family).

I didn’t want t go to the doctors on my own, so dragged hubby along. I explained to the Doctor I believed I was going through early menopause.

My early menopause was thoroughly checked with tests which confirmed why my periods had stopped. This was the confirmation; I was having another ‘Miracle Baby’

I moved to Melbourne seven and a half months pregnant, my son was born in Australia and again a very happy memory, his sister was nine when he was born  as is the best big sister ever and they both adore each other.

So my Happy Place today is about my two so called ‘Miracle Babies’, who I love which such indescribable love that it makes me smile, glow and feel extremely happy.


Now I’m Looking Forward To Reading Your Happy Thoughts, You Can Link Up Your Blog Below, Or Leave Your Happy Thoughts  In The Comments Section. There Are Approximately Sixty Of Us Trying To Be Happier And Thanks For Making Me Happy And Not Lonely On My Happy Challenge. Love Nathalie X


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Nathalie Brown

Child Behaviour Consultant at Easy Peasy Kids
Child Behaviourist and researcher. Creator of "Less tantrums. More smiles". I look at the bigger picture and think outside the box when working with children and their behaviour. Their world is different. As adults we sometimes forget this. Happiness Creator in my spare time. Eater of chocolate and cake.

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  1. Natalie Villa says

    Thinking about my Happy Place today, has reminded me about a water fight we had about 5 years ago.

    It was a hot summers days and the kids were outside playing in their swimming pool. Hubby and I were supervising and completely jealous cause we were so hot. What started as an innocent (not really innocent) splash ended in warfare! The kids thought it was amazing, buckets were used and my husband thought if he went inside the house he’d be safe. Boy was he wrong!!
    I grabbed the hose and followed him inside. The kids were shocked, but it didn’t take them long to join in the fun. Let me tell you my kitchen was a mess, everything and everyone was soaking wet, but no one cared. We’d had so much fun that cleaning up wasn’t an effort at all.
    It’s been awhile, I’m thinking we are due another water fight… Hope it heats up soon.

    • Sounds fab, Love water fights. Roll on the summer for water bombs and water guns. 🙂 Happy happy days outside and inside for you 😉

  2. Rachelle says

    That is beautiful=). My happy moment was this morning my 2yr son woke up way to early this morning so I bought him in to cuddle with me hoping he would go back to sleep…..he did for a little bit while he was sitting up with his head resting in my hand. Precious little moments…..had a great laugh telling daddy about it when he woke up=)

    • I love my morning cuddles and children really enjoy them too xx Great way to connect and start the day xx

      • Rachelle says

        Meant to add in my comment that I just loved your story. How special to have 2 wonderful children when you were told you couldn’t =)

  3. Pauline says

    Back to scheduled activities and kinder this week…phew! So I decided to take some time out and enjoy the kids. I realise that I don’t do it often enough (probably why the kids get bored and grizzly/naughty!). It was totally wonderful and I plan to do it more often….why else did I have kids? Certainly not for all the housework!

    • I did the same this afternoon, house is in complete disaray but the time I spent with the kids means so much more. It really does improve behaviour yours and theirs xx

  4. Oh my how beautiful I was kinda tearing up maybe just a little hehe

    My happy place today was pottering around the house with mater J in tow trying to help LOL and Lil C was playing on his own
    The semi silence was blissful knowing I had 2 content little men both doing what they wanted to do
    no fighting no tears just pure child innocence
    I wont lie it didnt last long until all hell broke lose but those few mintues i will hold onto for another day 🙂

  5. debbie says

    Lovely story Nathalie. My Happy Moment today; was this morning walking along the beach with my two little girls, jumping waves and collecting shells. I am so happy to be living in such a great place and to be able to enjoy it everyday with my kids. If only we could grow that money tree and husband could be on the beach everyday too. Love Summer days!!

  6. Kate – To My Dear Angel says

    Nathalie, that is so wonderful to hear about your ‘Miracle Babies’. I get so much enjoyment reading the comments on Facebook that your little guy says. He brings even me such joy! He is my Happy Place too. I’ll be first in line for a book of his quotes when he is older!

  7. Chelsea says

    The other day I was walking thru the shops with master four and miss 18mths when a little boy around 3 or 4 walked past us with a monster mask on. I pretended to scream and told my kids be careful there’s a monster loose. My kids giggled and thought I was weird! What made me laugh (and still does) was that the little boy wearing the mask took it off and said don’t worry it’s just me I’m not a monster!

  8. Lauren says

    6 years ago today my now husband and I were in South America about to start trekking the Inca Trail in Peru. Kids were not even in our thoughts back then but here we are with 3 boys and our youngest has just reached 8 mths. Oh how time flies! As much as I love my life now and wouldn’t change it for the world, I also love looking back at those days when we were the only two people we had to worry about…it always brings a smile to my face.

  9. those kids are a blessing aren’t they and especially when you thought you couldn’t be so lucky.

  10. I had many happy moments today…but tonight I had a lovely mother daughter moment with my four year old. We always listen to music at dinner and afterwards I picked her up and we had a beautiful little slow dance together….She was so happy and so was I. Especially since she is such a Daddy’s girl, which can be so hard for me to handle sometimes!

  11. Michelle S says

    My Happy Place today was first day back at work for term 4 at kinder. It is so lovely to see the kids faces when they come into the centre to see all new spaces and experiences to explore.

    • I know that feeling too 🙂 I am back working at a kinder on Thursday and happy and excited about seeing all the little people.

  12. Catherine says

    What a beautiful story about your “miracle babies” – both your children sound like amazing individuals and the timing of their arrival was just meant to be.
    My happy place today is a memory of a long ago holiday. My little boy was rifling through a draw and found an old necklace that I bought on the holiday. It brought back a long 36 hour flight to South America to meet up with my boyfriend (now husband). Despite multiple reminders to meet me at quarter to 8 he arrived at quarter past 8 – casually walking up to the airport hands in pockets sure he was on time! I was unsure to be angry, relieved or blissfully happy – that he arrived! I picked blissfully happy and when we got married new exactly what to expect!

    • Well he arrived and is still there 🙂 It’s amazing how little treasures you forget can bring back those happy memories and feelings

  13. I loved being given a writing task the other day, that took me back to probably the most heady and unbelievable time of my life- when I met my (now) husband.

    Writing that piece filled my face with smiles and my head with memories, details and feelings that’ve been packed away for a while. Pulling them back out again to enjoy remembering the blissful early stages of head-over-heels, romantic infatuation was really good for me.

    I don’t know that everyone can say that when they met the person they were to spend the rest of their life with, they knew instantly and (I know, sickening) for weeks walked around a couple of inches off the ground. It’s the dream, I guess and it actually happened to us back then.

    • I believe I was like you and met my soul mate, and it is always good to think back to those moments to reconnect today too.
      Loved your post xx

  14. Beautiful story Nathalie! I always love reading your work! Take care, sooz.

  15. Sandra Fragoso says

    Believe or not! Is the first time Hubby kissed me in Italy! I’ve got to say many times I feel like kicking his Butt! I go back to that moment & many other special kisses we shared like at the birth of our children or when I miscarried. Each special kiss, lucky for him I still adore him!

    • Kissing memories are great, because they involve the senses, they are easier to remember which is very lucky for your hubby and I’m sure many hubbies out there xx

  16. Brenda kapsley says

    i love your happy place story it is a great idea to have a happy place to go too Im 40 been trying for baby number three for couple years now and fell pregnant finally in june went for a scan in august got told it had gone 🙁 the thing i used to cope with it is saying to myself that if god has decided to take one of my children back to him he took the one i didnt know and it would have been so much harder for me it he had taken one of my other two beautiful children plus the baby is probably in a happier place than it would have been if it lived as it obviously had something wrong with it for it to die so it may have had a horrible life if it lived hubby and i went and got blueberry tattoos each as that was what bubs name was when it went blueberry and it made it easier to have some sort of momento of the baby i guess i did my own way of happy place to get through the lose and still hoping another miracle will happen

    • Brenda, we do wht we have to, to get through and I’m sorry to hear of loss, Big hugs to you and Thankyou for sharing with us xx

  17. Three of us, Nat & Twitch… All met our soul mates & knew this is it! My happy place today ( now Wed!) is that I have found my balance again between inward focus & outward focus. It’s all good 🙂

  18. Claire says

    A late posting apologies – There seems to be a musical theme to my happy moments so far – today my 4 1/2 year old son and his 2 year old sister sang Puff the Magic Dragon together in the car all the way to school. They were so enjoying themselves and he was helping her to learn some more of the difficult words off by heart. He then decided to sing the song to his teacher when he arrived 🙂 I love it when they find something to share together that is just theirs.

    • No apology ever needed here. Just a happy place you can come to when you can. It’s lovely when siblings have happy moments together.xx

  19. Jo Thomson says

    My apologies for being late too… But my happy place was when I was doing homework with my 8 year old. She found something particularly funny and started laughing manically. It was so infectious, I just had to laugh too 😀

  20. Wow, what an amazing story! Looks like you’re due for another miracle soon…
    I’m so lucky, my two boys have come pretty much as planned. Yesterday Mr 4 had Mr 1 in hysterics. Mr 1 was in his high chair and Mr 4 was entertaining him by singing and dancing. I’ve always been so conscious (bordering on obsessed?) with trying to make sure they have a good relationship, that it was such a good feeling to see them get along so well. I must be doing something right!

  21. my happy place today was celebrating the birth of my baby girl
    6 yrs ago
    i had 2 other children from a previous disaster and she was the first born for my husband both my older children are amazing and i no way do i want to take away from their beautiful births there was just alot of stress and drama

    but the birth of little miss sasha was amazing for the first time there was no drama, her father was there to welcome her to the world , i wasnt scared of bringing another baby into the world knowing i was going to AGAIN be a single mum, the room was filled with love there was no fighting, and it was so beautiful even the training midwives cried , then she pooed on me LOL

  22. Oh wow. Your story brought the biggest smile to my face. My happy thought is a little different. After being abducted by my father at 5 from Italy and brought to Australia, it was incredible to recieve a friend request 2 years ago from my mother after no contact for 30 years. She is coming down for a reunion after all these years, next month. Very happy moment 🙂

    • No the WOW is your story, my goodness what an epic Happy moment. I cannot even begin to imagine the happiness you must feel at seeing your mother next month. I hope it all goes super well for you and from the bottom ofmy heart Thankyou for making me smile.

  23. I absolutely love this journey you are taking us on, but have already discovered that best intentions and young children is not neccessarily a happy friendship. I will post when I can and read as much as I am able, but love hearing everyone’s happy stories already.
    Today is my sister’s 43rd birthday, so I posted on her facebook page a photo of our family at her 3rd birthday. It was great to reminisce to a very happy place … the clothes, the wallpaper (lol!), the cheeky toddler grins. And the reactions of both my sister and her friends to the photo has been a joy to read 🙂

    • Linda you just do it when you can, there is no pressure what so ever 🙂 Love looking through old photos love the happy memories xx

  24. My days are busy and my mornings are especially hectic. I’m a divorced mom of 3 kids who live with me full time and I work full time as a preschool teacher. My commute to work involves sitting in traffic for 30 minutes to go 10 miles. Before I even leave for work I have to drive my 15 year old to school, then head back home again to get my 10 year old off to school. After I drop off my daughter, I get a 5 minute quiet look at the beautiful sunrise in Northern California. That was my happy place today.

    • Hello Lynne your Happy place and all you do is an inspiration to us all. If you can keep finding those happy places even for your Five minutes, in amongst all you do, that reflection of happiness is important for you.
      When you have a moment email me your address I have something for you. XX

  25. Awwww, what a great story! I guess nature has a way of reminding us Never say never. I am not sure if it was coincidence or not, but I had one of the easiest mornings I’ve had in a long while. Between making lunches and dressing the midgets and getting myself ready and out the door in time, it is a constant struggle. Could it be possible, that this 30 day challenge, even after 1 day, has already changed my outlook that my children in turn cooperated as I set a better tone? Here’s to a smooth morning and more to come!

    • Tiana our moods, tone and body language speak a 1000 words to our children, so I am very Happy to hear that you can feel the benefits already. Nothing is ever plain sailing but when you can be happy for a few moments each day the sailing is a little easier. xx

  26. Carmel Corry says

    After 9 years of trying to have a baby, I can tell you I looked for lots of happy places! After finally succeeding (my child is now 8), when I need a happy place now, I go lie on her bed and reflect how lucky I truly am. When she leaves home as an adult, I think I’ll just keep her bed there for those times I need to remind myself that life truly is good!

    • Carmel that is simply a bed that is beautiful beacuase it’s your daughters and evokes your happiness and that is awesome. xx

  27. Love your story. Most people don’t get TWO miracles in a lifetime!

    Happy Place was simple today. Took the boys to the waterfront where they enjoyed the water, sunshine, sand and awesome playground. They played for ages (no whining!) and it was a great day to be outside!

    • Bianca yes extremely lucky with my two miracles 🙂 your Happy place sounds divine, two brothers playing happily what more could you ask for. xx

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