New Year, New ME ? NO still me ……..

New Year, New ME ? NO still me ……..

I’m feeling overwhelmed reading  New Year resolutions, I’m overwhelmed and they are not even my resolutions. Some lists are really long, some say 2012 is going to be the most amazing year ever, some have so many new resolutions that I would dread getting up on the 1st of January 2012 with so much weighing on Me changing over night.

I still haven’t caught up on a list of things I was hoping to get done before tonight, but have relished every single moment of time out of the office and time with my family.

Of course each to their own, if you like New Year resolutions, well brilliant, if it works for you then go for it. I’m more of a visualisation poster type of girl, there are heaps on google to give you ideas.

Me, well I know change does not happen overnight when I  set too many to changes to aim for then I start to fall at the first hurdle. I know I cannot change many things and my life in 2012 has to reflect this.

The only change I am making is a mental change, in accepting theMum’s Alzheimer’sis worsening, that they will be a lot more tougher days ahead, a lot more tears and my patience has to increase even more. I am OK with this in my head, my heart well that just aches everyday with mum as she is but this just proves I’m human.

New Year- New Words

I am instead of having New Year resolutions, focusing on words. My words for this year are simple;Kindness , Patience, Laughter and Resilience.  I think if I can mange a good dose of these everyday in my day then things will look much brighter a lot more often.

Kindness doesn’t mean always giving, it also means being kind to myself. Kindness can simply be a smile, a hug or listening really well to someone else’s needs. Kindness is done voluntarily with nothing expected in return.

Patience, this I need my the truckload not just with mum, in reteaching everyday every single routine from walking to eating  but patience with myself. Considering behaviour is my passion and I seem to understand it pretty well, it’s always hard to step back and see and analyse my own behaviour – but I’m getting better in doing what I write about.

Laughter, this I want to do everyday, I want big belly laughs with my, hubby, mum and  kids, Mr 6 is very good at making me laugh and so is Miss 15. Twitter and reading blogs has had me laughing so hard, that hubby thinks I’m slightly away with the fairies.

Resilience to emotionally handle all that 2012 has in store. There will be some great moments but realistically I know there will be some not so great ones. I want to accept how I feel at any given moment and not beat myself up over my own feelings.

New Year – Thank You

If I had time, which I don’t as I have to get mum up and go and get groceries for tonight’s party I would thank every single one of you personally who has interacted with me this year, whether you are a family I work with, blogging friends, Twitter friends, Facebook likers and new friends made in the virtual world who I’ve now met in the real world, Thank You for being part of my life and listening to me bang on about behaviour, bad jokes, my mum, my kids, blogging and Eminem. Thank you too for all your help, advice and for being there just when I needed a hug.

Thank you to every child and teen who has let me into their life this year, I have learnt so much from you all. One of the the biggest factor being that you all want time with your parents, time with no set plans necessarily just time to be – yes teens want time with you too.

To my friends, I’ve hardly seen this year I’m sorry but I’ll be hopefully more available this year, to my hubby thanks for having my back and loving me as I am , to my children Miss 15 and Mr 6 – you are my world and mum simply I love you.

Signing off and keeping it real, well as real as I can. Taking the first month of the New Year off to be with mum and finish some guest posts I owe, I’ll be  back soonish.

Have a the best night you can, don’t change too much in 2012


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Nathalie Brown

Child Behaviour Consultant at Easy Peasy Kids
Child Behaviourist and researcher. Creator of "Less tantrums. More smiles". I look at the bigger picture and think outside the box when working with children and their behaviour. Their world is different. As adults we sometimes forget this. Happiness Creator in my spare time. Eater of chocolate and cake.

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  1. Happy New Year. You’re awesome. ((hugs))

  2. I do words too. 2011 was “Calm” & “Pause”.. 2012 one of them will be “Faith” & “Laughter”. Have Faith in myself and my decision, and to surround myself with as much laughter as I can… and to laugh myself 🙂

  3. I was overwhelmed reading everyone’s resolutions lists as well! Good luck if they can manage that! I have focused on words for the past few years as well. Doing that gives me clarity and while I have my ‘goals’, my words are used to pursue them with deeper intent. Happy new year! I look forward to more of your encouraging words in 2012.

  4. I love this post because it resonates so much with me though our circumstances behind the scenes are different. I just posted on FB about how I’m reading so many posts about the new year and 2011 reflections and it’s started to get me a bit anxious because I’ve not been able to get to that point of reflection yet. It’s like it has to all be done today so we can start 2012 on the right foot and if it’s not then to hell with it all.

    I’m reminding myself to work at my own pace. It’s better I achieve a few small things than fail to complete a huge list of things.

    I like your idea of words. It makes it more manageable to remember and reflect upon. Mind you, I can’t think of any words for myself yet but I will ponder that in the fleeting moments during today. Have a lovely break.

    • I try hard not to compare myself with others and their resolutions otherwise i stress out too. going at a pace that suits you is simply much better. Have a wonderful New Year, baby steps all the way xx

  5. I don’t do resolutions and I’m not doing a 2011 wrap up post either.

    Patience, laughter, kindness and resilience are great words for 2012. I think I need to borrow them. Hope you have
    a great 2012.

  6. Nathalie – all the best with the journey you are taking iwth your mum (are these the right words??? I think no…) You have been an inspiration to me this year with your thoughts and sentiments. I love what you write – and as my mum says “be kind to your-self”. whatever that means for you.

    For me 2012 is just another year. I would like to be fitter and loose some weight, but I also have some hurdles coming up. It will be what it is.

    Here is to all of us “beconing us”. Whatever that is.

    Love and virtual hugs xxxx Sooz

    • Sooz it’s been wonderful having you here and I apprecaite your kind words. I look foward to our journey into the New Year xx

  7. Nathalie, inspiring New Year resolutions. Thanks for being an inspiration despite your struggles this year. Hope that the New Year brings you all your hearts desire.

  8. my last comment of the year is for you my dear friend.

    You are my inspiration. Always happy. Always smiling.


  9. Vanessa Monaghan says

    I just find resolutions depressing – it’s like we’re beating ourselves up for things we haven’t done & resolving to try harder. I love your words for the year – that’s a much more positive approach 🙂

  10. Such a great post, Nat. Very inspiring.
    I hope that first month off has served you well too. I know how much I enjoyed my time away! xx

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