“Next Time, There Won’t Be A Next Time” Eminem speaks to Easy Peasy Kids on Christsmas Eve.

“Next Time, There Won’t Be A Next Time”

Time, where does it go? This time last year I said I’d be organised, I would have everything  bought and wrapped by September, it didn’t happen – it never does.

Time slips through my life at what seems an incredibly fast past. I’m constantly in disbelief, school pick up seems to be only an hour after I’ve dropped off, a three hour client appointment feels like  ten minutes, a few times a day I say ” Is that the time already ?”  Yet time is always the same, it does not speed up or slow down. It’s just me, my concept, my life, my time.

Time is always constant through out our lifes, different situations and our frame of mind is what makes time seem to go faster or slower. When something totally horrendous is happening time can actually seem to completely stop, when we are having fun, time seems to speed up. Some people at work find time drags, other find “there are not enough hours to get everything done” – Yet time is always the same.

Time Is Now

Our Time is precious, we all have a lot to do but we also have a lot that we believe we have to do. We set ourselves up with never ending lists, but the important stuff doesn’t even make it to our list at times. That’s not a criticism, that’s just life, we get swept up, we push ourselves, we feel we must do it all.  We should actually have more time with modern technology but we don’t. Social Media keeps us  informed 24/7; we  update our lifes on Facebook, we chat to our friends on Twitter, we find stuff we like and Pinterest it, we need to see what’s happening in the blogosphere and either stumble-upon it or check our Google readers. This all take time. You think I’ll just be on Twitter for five minutes – Ha! before you know it, a great conversation has sucked you in and your time for the next twenty minutes.

I panic when I see #FF”s (Follow Friday) what happens if I don’t say Thanks, what happens if I don’t do any FF”s, will they think I’m rude and stuck up? What if I do FF’s and miss someone out ? You know nothing bad happens, your friends are still there -phew.

As I was wrapping presents last night, Eminem blaring through my office I felt he was singing to me, this is totally normal I have a diverse taste in music and songs and they all seem to sing to me personally, or I imagine  that I’m on stage doing a duet them ( you may find this a bit alarming for a 43 year old -but I’m cool with it.) “Next Time, There Wont’ Be A Next Time” – how true is that, each moment of time is now, then it passes on to the next moment, it doesn’t come back, it doesn’t repeat. I may offer Eminem employment as my life guru.

Time Vouchers

Yesterday I did it, I took Mr 6 too see Santa. Mr 6 asked Santa for an X-Box and more family time. As I heard him say this, I actually felt my heart tug or thump, it did something unusual, along with Eminem it gave me a sign, a sign to spend time with my own children, family and friends.

Working with child behaviour, one of the changes I ask families to make is Time. I ask them to increase their one to one time with their child whilst together we work through to positive happy outcomes for all. I am so very fortunate that my children are OK with mum’s work hours, plus caring for Grandma and all the usual stuff,  then hearing Mr 6 say this has refocused me into putting them at the top of my to do list alongside with hubby who always has my back and my mum because now I’m her mum.

I am writing out vouchers for them as part of their Christmas presents  and actually scheduling dates with them into my diary for next year, sounds a bit nuts but I want to give my time to them. My time whilst they are my children. My time to the Hubby as he’s been here for nineteen years and always has my back  and my time to mum because every moment of time for her is new.

These are just a few of my Time Voucher gifts

  • Playing Zombie/Fairy Nerf Gun battle in the secret jungle
  • Helping build the giant Lego police set from last year
  • An afternoon of mini- golf
  • Baking Pirate Cupcakes
  • Sorting out our mini herb garden
  • Playing Pictionary
  • Back rubs
  • Reading more together
  • Ice skating
  • Bombing Competitions in the pool
  • Movie night
  • Playing the Tooting game when I drive
  • Just being me -no distractions all electronic devices in my office switched off.
  • Guiness Book of The Brown  Family World Records
  • Me Spanish Dancing Flamenco for Mum
  • Organising with Miss 15 her 16th Birthday Party (This I cannot believe, she’s turning 16)

Time is what it is

Everyday I know exactly how much time I have, I know in the mornings I need a minimum of forty five minutes to get mum out of bed, because everyday is a completely new experience for her. Mum has to relearn how to take small steps as she relearns to walk every morning, putting in her dentures is a new experience every morning, basically mum relives each day as a new day and so do I.

I’m switching off for a month, any posts you see and some facebook updates have been scheduled, I’ll keep an eye on Twitter in my time also know as loo time and I’m giving them Nathalie back for Christmas and with lots more of me in 2012.

I have sent no Christmas client cards and I was meant to email many of you with Christmas Wishes -but I haven’t but I only finished work yesterday, so give me a break 🙂 Suffice to say I hope you all have the best Christmas YOU can have.

I hope you have a Christmas that is not too stressful, I send virtual hugs to those that do not like Christmas or struggle through Christmas due to current issues or past memories. Time passes and can heal old wounds but I do know they never really fully leave – I understand I have been there too.

Enjoy the moments that make you laugh and smile ……..

Love, Sparkles and Christmas Bubbles….

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Nathalie Brown

Child Behaviour Consultant at Easy Peasy Kids
Child Behaviourist and researcher. Creator of "Less tantrums. More smiles". I look at the bigger picture and think outside the box when working with children and their behaviour. Their world is different. As adults we sometimes forget this. Happiness Creator in my spare time. Eater of chocolate and cake.

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  1. Veronica @ Mixed Gems says

    I love this post, Nat. It’s very beautiful. I don’t believe we can ever be reminded enough of the fleeting nature of time. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.

  2. You enjoy your break too Nat! It was lovely to get to meet and sort of know you this year. You’re such a wonderfully nice and realistic person. Love ya! Love your work! See you in a month’s time online and hopefully offline! xx

  3. What a fantastic post.. So so true.. As you know I have been reminded recently how short life is.. You just never know.. I’m very very happy your having a break.. Lots of love to you!! Kristy XX

    • Kristy I read about your friend – heatbreaking. Life just gets us all with the busyness and as long as we try a little every day to connect with those we love then we are doing OK. Have a wonderful Christmas beautiful xx

  4. Love this post Nat. It’s so good to hear I’m not the only one who has eclectic taste in music and I also imagine myself on stage singing but not as a duet, just me lol. I love your idea about time vouchers and I hope you all enjoy cashing them in. Have a very Merry Christmas and enjoy your break 🙂

  5. Wonderful post Nat. The one result of me starting my blog in August was I let it suck up all my time – i went form being bored while the kids were in school (actually renting DVDs to fill in gaps of time) to them now thinking I am permanently attached to my computer – this will change in 2012. At almost 7yo and 8 1/2 I know they will only want my attention for a while longer and I don’t want their memories to be of technology. A return to basics is in order.

    I wish you and your family a very happy holiday and a special hug to your mum! Enjoy your special time away from here.

  6. What a great reminder Nathalie. Time is such a precious gift – irreplaceable. The vouchers are such a fantastic idea. I gave my husband ‘Date vouchers’ last year, just to ensure we had time scheduled for us – it’s so easy to get caught up in the busyness of life, that relationships often don’t get priority. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a restful break with your family.

  7. Enjoy your break Nat and enjoy your family time. Your advice, honesyy and support have been invaluable. I love how you are raw and honest you are in your blog and i thank you for sharing your life with us. Recharge, relax. See you in the new year

  8. Thanks for this post Nathalie. I love the idea of the time vouchers. It is really easy to spend a lot of time around our kids without actually spending time with them. Our kids (like many) have so much stuff that they often don’t get a chance to play with. I love the idea of creating a voucher with a specific play idea – utilising the toys they have and getting one-on-one time.

    • Julie it works for me and because it’s written down I manage to find the elusive time. Really enjoying my kids is very important. Have a lovely Christmas xx

  9. I love you sweetie. You are amazing.

    I gave The Damn Emos gift vouchers one year for a day of shopping with me in the city. They LOVED it.

    Hope you have an amazing Christmas. xx

  10. So, so very true, Nathalie. Enjoy every blissful moment.
    Merry Xmas. x

  11. Cheers to living in the moment…the only moment we have 🙂

    Bit late for Merry Christmas but a Happy New Year to a very special woman!

  12. So glad you’re focussing on you and your family… remember – there’s no need to reply to every comment, tweet or post. We know you care anyway! Take care, and enjoy your break hun.

  13. Timely and beautiful words as always N. I love the idea of you giving yourself back to your family. Technology is so intrusive at times.

    Have a wonderful break with your family. I hope it holds many special moments and memories for you.

    “See” you next year.


  14. your words are so true. so what if you haven’t sent Christmas cards? you were spending time doing more important things. I only managed to send a small number of cards and am thankful for facebook so I could post the family Christmas letter there, although social media can be intrusive, it suited me at that point. I am not going to even start with twitter; fb and blogs are enough for me! smiles Alannah

  15. What a lovely post and so true. We do need to live in the moment a bit more. I think as mothers we tend to constantly think ahead to the next job on the list. I’ve had one of those days today. But I am sitting back now giving thanks for the good things. Love reading your blog. Sending good wishes to you, your mum and your family.

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