ProBlogger Event – I fell in love – fell over and fell asleep

ProBlogger Event – I fell in love – fell over and fell asleep


Wow, wow, wow ProBlogger event came and whooshed past so very fast. Two days of continuous learning, talking, eating, driving, smiling, meeting, listening, laughing, hugging, kissing and copious amounts of coffee and chocolate. A world wind two days that I probably was not really up for emotionally or health wise, but I’m glad I went. Reinforcing my passion for blogging, connecting with like minded people and appreciating that although my writing and my words are not always grammatically correct or that of an experienced writer, I can still make a small difference, no matter the size of my audience, if they interact, visit and read, it is not about quantity, it is a connection –  a real human connection.

ProBlogger Event I fell in love

  • I fell in love with belly laughs all over again, the laughs that have whatever you are drinking gush out your nose -not an attractive look but great for the soul.
  • I fell in love with Mrs Woogs who came over and sat with me and asked how I was doing – made my day.
  • I fell in love with Rose Wintergreen who sang to me in the toilets and she wears Doc Martins with red roses.
  • I fell in love with Chris Guillebeau who has a voice that melted me. Chris is so very softly spoken, that it demonstrates that Bloggers don’t have to be loud. A voice is a voice it’s not the volume but the words that are important.
  • I fell in love with Anna Spargon -Ryan after she tweeted “I’m in Room 2, chill in’ with ma homies at the back of the room”.  Anna manages to run lots of projects and her writing is so brilliant it makes me want cry, because I would love to write just 10% like she does.
  • I fell in love with James Tuckerman  and his vava voom and I learnt a new word ‘Gamification’
  • I fell in love with the staff at Maha restaurant  – the service was so very very good.
  • Power StoriesI fell in love with Jasmine  a key organiser alongside Darren of the ProBlogger event. Jasmine was full of poise, smiles and hugs. She was battling an extremely sore throat, not that you would know it -a true professional.
  • I fell in love a little bit more with Mrs Ceeeceee who kept an eye out for my safety on walking back to my car with her tweets to ensure I had arrived in one piece.
  • I fell in love with many I met and chatted too. I felt totally out of my depth and comfort zone on what I know about blogging, writing and managing a business but they made me feel OK ; for their honesty, the time they gave me, their advice and their passion Sophie from Big 4 Bellarine , Lorraine from The Remarkables Group and Valerie Khoo.
  • I fell in love knowing that little things are just as important as big things.

ProBlogger Event I fell over

  • I fell over at the first hurdle of waking up on time on both days – therefore being late to pick up the very patient Martine from The Modern Parent who helped me paint my broken nail in the car and gave me heaps of giggles throughout the event.
  • I fell over on meeting published authors and personalities, where my sentences sounded like a five year old meeting their super hero at a fun park –  It was awkwardness at it’s best.
  • I fell over in starting conversations, losing my thread, promising to return back after getting a drink but getting caught up in meeting someone else. So apologies to those I said “I’ll be right back”. It wasn’t you, it was me getting totally distracted and slightly overwhelmed.
  • I fell over chatting to a lovely lady as it took me 10 minutes to realise she thought she was speaking to Kerri Sackville. It was only when she mentioned how she loved my books and my Jewish background that I clicked.
  • I fell over returning back into the city on time and kept the gorgeous  Zoey from Goodgoogs and the divine Karen from Miscellaneuos Mum, waiting for me, it was a never ending series of “Oh my God what else can happen?”. I have no idea what their impression of me is now that they have seen my disorganisation and my total headless chicken act.
  • I fell over in my ever over analysis of everything; what I overheard, what I saw out the corner of my eye and just keep thinking of the bigger picture -The bigger picture gives me the benefit of the doubt “I’m not in their shoes” and they are not in mine.
  • I fell over heaps throughout the two days, like I said at the start the last two months have taken their toll on me.


ProBlogger Event I fell asleep

  • How totally embarrassing I fell asleep as the social media, TV star, author and inspiring all rounder Sarah Wilson spoke at the closing ofProBlogger. If that’s not bad enough Iwas sitting directly in front of Sarah in the front row.  I did manage to tweet how awesome she was before dropping off. I would be mortified as a speaker if I looked over and saw someone sleeping during my speech. Sarah I apologise profusely. The only thing I can say is exhaustion decided to take hold that very moment, the previous day I had to leave the conference to donate what felt like vast amounts of blood for my imminent surgery (Hip replacement). Sarah spoke about auto immune disease (You see I was awake for some of the talk) and I do have an auto immune disease. Guillain Barre syndrome  paralysed me 16 years ago it now plays havoc with my nervous system in that I can only feel extreme pain. When the pain comes one of two things happens I either faint or shut down temporarily, I shut down as you spoke both from pain and tiredness.
  • I had the opportunity to speak to Sarah as we ended up in the lift together all I managed was a dodgy smile.
  • Returning home I slept for nearly eleven hours, for someone who sleeps anything from 3 to 5 hours a night – the Problogger event I thank you for the best nights sleep in 4 years.


How Many Chins?

How Many Chins?

Photo courtesy of Mrs Woogs. Sleeping next to the delightful Carly Jacobs of Smaggle

ProBlogger Event The End and New Beginnings


Small May Be Big Enough

The ProBlogger event has enabled me to close some chapters I was not sure about, chiefly the “Am I blogger if I don’t blog all the time?” – Well yes, I am as long as I keep communicating and relating to my readers. The new beginnings of not being afraid of who I am, size does not matter says Darren and he is so very spot on.


What did you take way from the ProBlogger event?

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Nathalie Brown

Child Behaviour Consultant at Easy Peasy Kids
Child Behaviourist and researcher. Creator of "Less tantrums. More smiles". I look at the bigger picture and think outside the box when working with children and their behaviour. Their world is different. As adults we sometimes forget this. Happiness Creator in my spare time. Eater of chocolate and cake.

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  1. Caroline Childerley says

    I fell over lots too x so great to spend a bit more time with you xx

  2. Nathalie, this is a brilliant post. I so wish I had of gone. just can’t get to everything. I love all the points you’ve made here. You know the what’s big enough, I often stop and wonder why I blog, but it’s always for the love of it, and try to remind myself of that often too.

  3. Oh Nat you are hilarious!! I am glad the conference gave you a good night’s sleep – lord knows you deserve a good night’s sleep honey!

  4. Hey Natalie,

    Lol, I’m glad it’s not just me who did some embarrassing things! I am so sorry to hear about your sickness and impending hip replacement.

    It was fun to chat with you albeit quickly and I hope everything goes well with the op and you get well soon.

  5. Hilaire! Loved this, Nathalie!

    I'm sorry we only got to have the briefest of chats – I promise to corner you for more than 5 seconds next time.

    I had no idea you have Guillan-Barre Syndrome – you did remarkably well under the circumstances (I'm so glad no-one took a photo of ME falling asleep. I would excommunicate that person quick as a flash!)

    And how GORGEOUS was Chris veryunpronounceablesurname? His voice could melt an iceberg that one!


  6. Oh you fell asleep! Adorable 😀

    It was SO nice to have you in the circle of homies with which to chill. Great to catch up x.

  7. Oh you fell asleep! Adorable 😀

    It was SO nice to have you in the circle of homies with which to chill. Great to catch up x

  8. I fell for you all over again. I kept seeing you, and your beautiful smile EVERYWHERE. And thank you for the chocolates. Again.


  9. I saw you lots of times (or was it Kerri Sackville??!!) and was going to intro myself but didn’t. Next year 🙂
    All the best with your hip replacement.

    • So wished we had met, it happens every time I got to events so many to meet and chat with. I will write a priority list next time and you are on it Love Nx

  10. Oh thankyou! Was so lovely meeting you too! And being silly together 🙂 I've just reached for the Snickers in the lolly bag you gave me with your business card. Can you feel the love I'm sending you over the interwebs? 😉 x

  11. Mrs Woog says

    You ooze kindness and light. Always a pleasure to hang out with you x

  12. I was more than grateful for the drives in, the much needed choccies and of course for all the laughs. Thanks for a great couple of days xx

  13. Oh, you are gorgeous beyond words! Love that sleeping beauty photo of you 🙂
    Wish we had the opportunity to have a proper chat! Next time for sure x

  14. I thought you were wonderful considering what you’ve been through recently – you sure looked amazing! Of course, as a back row dweller, I completely missed the sleeping bit. I did a bit of falling over too, although I am actually quite proud of myself, as I held together while chatting to two of my biggest blogging heroes, Allison Tait and Christie Burnett. Wow! Thanks again for being the chocolate fairy… One day I will get you that Lindt sponsorship 😉

    • Cath, you are so kind. I remember our talk 🙂 good on you for holding it together whislt chatting to Alison and Christie, they are pretty awesome. Mummy Lindt sponsorship sounds yummy xxxx

  15. Brilliant post Nathalie! We loved 3 things that involved you:
    1. Your son’s nerf-gun story
    2. The response from 299 people in the room to you saying you blog once every 6 weeks
    3. That we can hopefully help you feel a bit more comfy during your recovery from surgery by sending you some nice new organic PJ’s.
    (I lie, there are 4 things – We loved also meeting!).
    x anna & alisha

    • Anna and Alisha you two are a package of pure delightfulness, it was great meeting, chatting, eating and drinking with you, and the lovely waiter I jokingly said I would take home and he heard;) thank you for your kind words, the support and the giggles xxx

  16. I fell over when you actually recognised who I was! what a moment that was for me! love your smile, your positivity is contagious xxx

  17. Hello Nathalie. I did see them tweet that sleeping beauty picture of you. Cheeky bloggers! It has been really good to read the washup of the event from some of the attendees. If its all about connecting with the audience – i can relate to your paralysis with GBS. We spent many months taking care of my father after he had GBS ascending paralysis from toes to mid chest. Really tough to see such a vibrant and active man become literally paralysed over minutes/hours in the ICU. Scary!!. With OT and all the other post GBS treatments he is virtually 95%. Not bad for 70 plus. Your grace, empathy and compassion shines through your blog……Keep healthy….
    x mother rucker @mylifebackstage

  18. I think you are amazing Nathalie. You have so much grace, and giving. Hip surgery is huge. I hope you have lots and lots of people returning grace to you while you recover. Maybe this forced time to be still for a while is universal intervention…? I truly hope that one day our paths will cross in real life. Xxx

    • The hip surgery was due 2 years ago but as I was caring for dear mum, I kept delaying it. Now it’s time to fix me up for a healthier me. You are amazing I do check in on what you are up too. Hoping to have some time next year to comment more on your posts and what you do. Big hugs Nx

  19. I was feeling a bit hohum having not gone this year but I'm feeling all the love through your gorgeous words. I'll be watching the virtual version with blogger hubbie over the next few days. Hope I don't fall asleep!

  20. this was SUCH a great post lovely! It was such a great and full on weekend – i think any one of us who attended can identify with the tiredness and exhaustion by the end! x

  21. Gorgeous Nathalie,
    One of my favourite take-aways from the conference was chatting to you. You have such a lovely vibe about you which leaves me smiling. Will be thinking of you during your surgeries.
    xxx A

    • Loved chatting with you, should have mentioned you in the post but I’m saving you for something else, thanks for the email you have changed my look immensely xxx

  22. Debyl1 says

    I love how you write with such honesty and from such a beautiful open heart.I always feel warmth from your words.
    So glad you had a wonderful time.You so deserve it.xx

  23. It was so wonderful to have you there Nathalie. Your FB updates always make me laugh and remind me of all the good things I can share with my kids. Thanks so much for the mention, there were so many lovely people there so I could NOT stop smiling, even if I felt like falling over and sleeping! 🙂

  24. Nathalie, after a particulary hard 6 weeks in this house with hospital visits and major operation for my hubby…. it was so nice to come and read someone spreading love and thanks about blogging. To much I have read lately has been nasty. Thanks for always seeing the good side.

    Oh, and if you don’t fall down, you can’t get up again!


    • I try and avoid the not so good stuff, I’ve made some amazing friendships through blogging and the support when mum passed away gave me so much strength. Hope things are better at home for you love Nx

  25. I love your post Nat, and it was so great seeing you again! Good luck with your surgery I know it will be a great outcome. You are always such a happy and friendly face when these environments can be so daunting. Looking forward to seeing you again soon xxx

  26. Nathalie – I love this! I fell in love with a lot of people too at Problogger, and fell over a bit (namely, not getting a chance to meet you!) but I will make a point of it next year as I will be back! I loved what Darren said about your blog and how successful you are without blogging super regularly. It made me exhale! I think Sarah would have forgiven you for falling asleep – it was a big weekend. I have a friend with a condition that sounds similar to yours and I think by Day 2 you could be forgiven for having a little kippage. I too have a cranky thyroid and I crashed on Saturday night! As an ex-speechie (love your content, wish I had it back in the day, but still useful for little ones in my life) and now aspiring blogger, I can safely say you are one of the superheroes in that room on the weekend…. Thanks for this – it made me giggle and smile at the fun we all had. I think I got $299 worth of value at Maha alone! And now I am wondering whether it was you and not Kerri Sackville that I was chatting to in Starbucks about just how much we needed that coffee on the Saturday morning…

    • Hi Donna wow your comment has me grinning from ear to ear. I do hope we get to chat next time, it was Kerri who you chatted to in Starbucks. If you are in Melbourne we don’t have to wait for an event we could create our own 😉 xx

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