Helping Change Behaviour. Puppets on a string – Review.

Puppets  help change behaviour

Personally I love Puppets, I use all types of puppets when I work or should I say play with children. I have over thirty finger puppets,  home made sock puppets and I have the Royal Theme puppets/marionettes that I purchased from Romantic Flair Original.

I use the Puppets with the children I work with as they help me communicate at a fun level many different areas of behaviour with them, from using their manners, respecting others, bullying, overcoming shyness and making friends.

The Puppets add an element of playfulness and we all know children learn through play. If it’s fun and makes them laugh, the serious points get through too.

Puppets bring the best out in kids

With the Puppets I am able to make up stories and re- tell the old classic fairy tales adding the areas of behaviour that need a  work on. The puppets make the children laugh and giggle as they sit in wonderment watching the story book  classics come to life with the Puppets. Yes! I did say sit and they sit still. The puppets capture their interest and you can actually see the delight in their faces, with their big beaming smiles.

By using the Puppets I have their full attention, and attention includes them listening and internalising what I am saying. As I use the Puppets to tell a story , I ask the children questions “Why do you think the King is sad?” ” Was that a nice thing the Princess did?”  “What would you do if you were the Queen and the King was crying?” The puppets allow the children to see and understand different emotions in a variety of situations. The children are all keen to respond to the questions and their answers are simply precious. The Puppets assist the children in verbalising what they are feeling and what action they should take.

With the Puppets, the children really take on board the underlying  message I choose to get across, depending on what behaviours I am focusing on. Puppets are a visual aid that could be the factor in turning their behaviour around, depending on their age and development.

Puppets are also fantastic for the older children developing their manual dexterity, alongside their hand eye cordination.Eg: I ask them to make the Puppet look sad and they have to use their skills in making the Puppet head hang down.

Puppets mirror real life

What the children learn through the Puppets they bring to the real world. Puppets are non threatening and a child’s friend, they are like an animation coming to life, in front on them. We know how much children absorb from watching television including  the good and the bad, well with the Puppets you are in control of what you want them to learn. You have your captive audience at the palm of your hand, what will the puppets teach your child?

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Nathalie Brown

Child Behaviour Consultant at Easy Peasy Kids
Child Behaviourist and researcher. Creator of "Less tantrums. More smiles". I look at the bigger picture and think outside the box when working with children and their behaviour. Their world is different. As adults we sometimes forget this. Happiness Creator in my spare time. Eater of chocolate and cake.

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  6. I love puppets and think it is a greta idea to use in my coaching with younger children. My children love to mimic voices and act out situations with them. Great blog to share with others. Thank you

  7. Vanessa King says

    Done, but I’m a UK resident 🙁 I’m Australian though, so I’m hoping that might still count *lol* They are lovely puppets, aren’t they!

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  13. Will pass on the article about puppets and autism to a friend of mine who has autistic twins.

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    The puppets are beautiful! I’ve always loved puppets, and enjoyed reading about the various ways children can enjoy playing with them, as well as the benefits to their motor skills and creative writing.

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  25. I was already a liker of her wonderful FB page, and I have just left a comment on fathers day gifts. Great opportunity to win. My daughter is obsessed with finger and sock puppets at the moment, we have heaps we have made together! Would love to it up a notch, she would love puppets like these!

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