Little People have BIG Feelings

Little People have BIG Feelings If I had a dollar for every person in the past couple of months who has said to me “Kids are resilient … they adapt easily … don’t worry about it” I could probably retire. In mid-November we moved “home” to Sydney after a 16 month stint in Melbourne. My husband and I really looked forward to returning to our good friends and the house we had worked hard to renovate … [Read more...]

Love Bites

Love Bites - At the Supermarket Today Mr 6 accompanied me on the thrilling and exciting trip to the supermarket for our weekly grocery shop. I say thrilling and exciting because with children you just never know what could happen in any moment of any regular day. Mr 6 had helped with the writing of the shopping list so that it spanned across 3 pages of A4 paper with his BIG writing and the … [Read more...]

Wooden Blocks – Planks of Fun! Review.

Wooden Blocks - Planks a new dimension  I have always loved children playing with Wooden blocks  and now we have wooden Planks, created by Cam Lee from  The Green Hat Workshop. My initial impression of the planks was "Oh a box of Planks", they are all identical in size and are made of pine. So I called in my Mr 6 and a team of children I work with, to see what they made of the Planks. Wooden … [Read more...]