My Happy Place Day 14

My Happy Place Day 14 My happy place today is all about friendship the beautiful friendships I have made throughout my life both back in school and right up to now. But it is also an apology to my gorgeous girlfriends both here in Australia and back in the UK at my absolute slackness in keeping in touch over this last year. My only excuse is that life has got in the way. Life has just been busy, … [Read more...]

Apologising “Saying Sorry with Cherry Ripes”

Apologising is the next step After an extremely hectic and stressful at week (nothing new there), with deep issues to deal with at work ,that by the end of Friday , I wasn't sure how I was going to cope with the amount of work piling into the office and the neglect of my household chores. I was obviously tired as my tact and thinking brain left me late on Friday and I manage to  inadvertently to … [Read more...]