Motherhood: Does anyone know this mother?

  I know a mother who tries to get through each day to the best of her ability. Scrap that, all the mothers I know whether they are friends or mothers I work with get through the day the best way they can. Some days are ok, some are not ok and some are total shockers. The days where you feel that you cannot possibly carry on, I know those too. "I hate my life" are words that sadly I hear … [Read more...]

But how do I change my behaviour?

So you really want to change? You feel down in the dumps, flatlining at the end of the day, it was a tough day, most days are and you get through them. We all have bad days, some people have absolutely horrific days everyday. My perception of my bad day, will not match yours. They are non comparable. There are far too many factors making us who we are alongside our own personal situation to … [Read more...]

Blow me out respectfully!

Blow me out respectfully!I had a small window to go necessity shopping yesterday as in groceries and some nighties for mum. A well known candle shop had a sale on. I love candles especially the ones that have a yummy smell. As I have not been home for over two weeks for longer than a few hours, my house smelt, also the dog had destroy a bin bag all over the main living area, hence a musty smell … [Read more...]