Blogging & Twitter Behaviour 101

Blogging & Twitter Behaviour 101 I work with child behaviour but I am a big observer of adult behaviour too and  see similarities in both. When I am working with children the first point I get across to parents is that I am on the child's side as I endeavour to unravel why the child is behaving a certain way. I believe that children do not do anything with deep malice or intent but are … [Read more...]

Apologising “Saying Sorry with Cherry Ripes”

Apologising is the next step After an extremely hectic and stressful at week (nothing new there), with deep issues to deal with at work ,that by the end of Friday , I wasn't sure how I was going to cope with the amount of work piling into the office and the neglect of my household chores. I was obviously tired as my tact and thinking brain left me late on Friday and I manage to  inadvertently to … [Read more...]

Dress up games “I’m Dressing Up Today – Lady In Red”

Dress up games are fun Today my hubby is having a Birthday Party, for approximately 70 friends. Now normally I'm not much of a dress up person and I am a happy girl in jeans and a t shirt. Then I remembered my teenage years back in the 80's, getting ready to gout out with my girlfriends use to take me a whole afternoon. Just getting my hair to look big was a major task, plus I had to wear every … [Read more...]