Teenage Poem “Frustrated”


It feels as if small rubber balls are bouncing inside of me,

As a wave of nausea engulfs my body,

A cold shiver runs down my spine

Causing my limbs to feel tired and lifeless.

My brain pounds against my skull,

Trying to remember everything I supposedly should.

Preparing me for what might lie ahead.


The balls are bouncing higher, forcing their way up my throat.

I swallow, the balls finally subside.

Footsteps echo in the distance,

Thump, klunk, thump, klunk, thump

Repeating in my aching head

Closed eyes shut out the intrusive light,

Preparing me for what might lie ahead


My mind races, my eyes weep,

As though my head is a thunderstorm.

Thunder racking my brain,

Flashes of light burning my eyes,

Rain pouring down my face.

Walls push down against me

I am not prepared for what might lie ahead.

MissB.15 Years Old

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Nathalie Brown

Child Behaviour Consultant at Easy Peasy Kids
Child Behaviourist and researcher. Creator of "Less tantrums. More smiles". I look at the bigger picture and think outside the box when working with children and their behaviour. Their world is different. As adults we sometimes forget this. Happiness Creator in my spare time. Eater of chocolate and cake.

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  1. Your imagery is amazing. I felt that thunderstorm in your head. I hope the sun comes out very soon. I’m sure there’s a rainbow for you just waiting to pop out from behind that cloud x

  2. Hang on in there Miss B. That was a very powerful piece of writing. I could feel that thunderstorm too… and the balls.
    Lori x

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