Child Abuse happens with someone you know and trust. How to teach your child to say no.

I was asked by Marita from Stuff with Thing if I could write a post on how to empower child on the spectrum or with different needs to protect them against child abuse. I was honoured to consult with  Holly-ann Martin the founder and Managing Director of Safe4Kids  who wrote this post on protecting our children from child abuse. I believe this advice can help all children. Children that may need … [Read more...]

Child Behaviour: How to build Resilience in our children

Resilience the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. Traumatic issues whether emotional or physical abuse take much longer to recover from, some stay with you for the rest of your life, you move on the best you can. Some days will be hellish and some days a little better. This post is about increasing resilience in our children in everyday situations at home and at school. Resilience … [Read more...]

Child Behaviour: A Child’s Imagination is an Insight to their World from the Best Toy ever to Talking with Aliens.

A Child's Imagination is an Insight to their World A child's imagination is more than just make believe, it is an area that sparks their creativity like no other an outlet for them, leading to open ended  play and endless possibilities where they can be anything they want to be. It is fantastic aspect of childhood an imagination that allows you to be exactly who you want to be in that moment. The … [Read more...]

Crying:The Language of Tears By Pinky McKay

Crying: The Language of Tears By Pinky McKay Pinky McKay mentored me last year, to have Pinky guest posting here is an honour. It seems there is nothing like infant crying to stir up confusion and strong feelings among mothers – and anyone else who wants to offer their ‘two bobs worth’. How often do we hear, crying is good for the lungs (like bleeding is good for the veins?), or if you pick him up … [Read more...]

Sensory Processing “Understanding the way children learn, behave & play”

Sensory Processing "Understanding the way children learn, behave & play" Sensory processing is being able to use information received through all senses to understand what is going on around us. The sensations received  from hearing, sight, tastes, smell, touch, pressure and movement, are analysed by the brain which processes the sensations. Most people spend their days surrounded by a … [Read more...]

Child Behaviour: Why Children Bite and how to stop it.

Children Biting "Bite Me!" In all the years I have worked with children let me firstly reassure you that biting is completely normal. I know that as the parent it can make you feel shocked and embarrassed when your child is the biter and you worry about the reaction from other parents, teachers and anyone else who witnesses or overhears that your child bit another child. If your child has been … [Read more...]

Wooden Blocks – Planks of Fun! Review.

Wooden Blocks - Planks a new dimension  I have always loved children playing with Wooden blocks  and now we have wooden Planks, created by Cam Lee from  The Green Hat Workshop. My initial impression of the planks was "Oh a box of Planks", they are all identical in size and are made of pine. So I called in my Mr 6 and a team of children I work with, to see what they made of the Planks. Wooden … [Read more...]