Unicorns aren’t real but Breast Cancer is.

This Mother's Day, I am dressing up in my unicorn onesie, putting on my runners and carrying a pink unicorn as I am participating in the Mother's Day Classic, in Melbourne and raising funds for breast cancer research. Every extra dollar I raise through fundraising goes towards vital research into the prevention and cure of breast cancer. I have the support of a great team Bust-A-Move. Although … [Read more...]

What one mum has learnt about emotional bullying

My daughter isn’t the typical candidate for bullying. She’s loud, funny and so confident that she doesn’t just walk into a room, she bursts in announcing her arrival. She started school this year, taking it in her stride by thriving on the social interaction and soaking up all her lessons. (Except maths: “Mum, maths is so booooring”. Wait until you get to algebra one day...) She runs into the … [Read more...]

Inside your head – Fighting to breathe

You get up. A new day. Things need to be done. Inside your head, you are fighting to breathe. You go to work. You love what you do. Inside your head, you are fighting to breathe You play with your kids, laugh and cuddle. Inside your head, you are fighting to breathe. You look happy. You help out. Inside your, head you are fighting to breathe. You have a lot to be thankful for. Inside your … [Read more...]

5 Strategies for Solo Parenting

  In the first few months, maybe even a year, of being a sole parent, I would get very impatient with women complaining of being a “single mum” when their partners left for business trips or longer assignments away from home. No, I wasn’t just impatient, I was right down angry. What would THEY know about being a truly single parent??? Several years on and I find myself much more … [Read more...]

Asking “Why is there such a big age gap between your children?”

Why the Age Gap?  Social mores constantly change. One recent example is questioning a woman if she is pregnant. Today, it’s a faux pas to broach the subject if not raised by the (hopefully!) expectant woman herself. Many firmly believe it’s never okay to ask. “Unless perhaps the baby is crowning.” So is it okay to comment, question or assume about a family’s structure? (Tell someone how many … [Read more...]

Whoosh and it’s over

     Whoosh (v.) to pass by very rapidly.   Everyone I know has had a super busy crazy year. “How are you?” “Super busy, I’m flat out. It’s crazy at the moment, haven’t got hours in day” The last weeks of schools, kindergartens and outside school activities go into overdrive with carols, concerts, speech nights, graduations and finals matches. The busy year gets even busier … [Read more...]

I’d like to know 11 things about you. I’ll start with me.

It is an incredibly busy time of year and I really should be working on crossing to do’s off the list, or start picking up clothes off the bedroom. You know those times when you really feel you should be something but you can’t be arsed bothered. I blame Lana, someone I’ve never had the pleasure to meet in real life, yet I was drawn to her blog post “11 things you probably don’t know about … [Read more...]