Giving Away 3 copies of “Parenting in a Digital World: Stop fighting, start connecting”

“Parenting in a Digital World:Stop fighting, start connecting” is the new book by Parent Educator and counsellor and Easy Peasy Kids associate, Martine Oglethorpe from The Modern Parent. This book takes a comprehensive look at how our ‘real world’ parenting helps determine the experiences our kids have in using technology and the online world. I love that this book focuses on understanding … [Read more...]

What one mum has learnt about emotional bullying

My daughter isn’t the typical candidate for bullying. She’s loud, funny and so confident that she doesn’t just walk into a room, she bursts in announcing her arrival. She started school this year, taking it in her stride by thriving on the social interaction and soaking up all her lessons. (Except maths: “Mum, maths is so booooring”. Wait until you get to algebra one day...) She runs into the … [Read more...]

Blogging: Are you blogging for the right reasons?

Two and half years ago I began blogging, prior to this I use to write my thoughts up on my Easy Peasy Kids Facebook page. I honestly didn't know that anyone could set up a blog and write. Thinking you had to be well-known somewhere on this planet to have readers. Being a newbie and having no preconceived ideas was pretty awesome and often embarrassing. My naivety approved spam comments "I love … [Read more...]

How I teach children Acceptance

Acceptance is not a one off sit down lesson in class. Acceptance is not just a topic you discuss every now and then. Acceptance is a daily value that is an important characteristic of who you are, it is a fundamental core value.  Acceptance of others and teaching your children acceptance starts with you because as a parent you are most influential human being in your child's life. What you say, … [Read more...]

Child Abuse happens with someone you know and trust. How to teach your child to say no.

I was asked by Marita from Stuff with Thing if I could write a post on how to empower child on the spectrum or with different needs to protect them against child abuse. I was honoured to consult with  Holly-ann Martin the founder and Managing Director of Safe4Kids  who wrote this post on protecting our children from child abuse. I believe this advice can help all children. Children that may need … [Read more...]

Child Behaviour: How to build Resilience in our children

Resilience the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. Traumatic issues whether emotional or physical abuse take much longer to recover from, some stay with you for the rest of your life, you move on the best you can. Some days will be hellish and some days a little better. This post is about increasing resilience in our children in everyday situations at home and at school. Resilience … [Read more...]

My Catalyst: Living in Limbo

 My Catalyst: Living in Limbo  It's day thirteen since mum was rushed to hospital. It was my first time in an emergency resuscitation room, somewhere I hope never return to. Thirteen days of sitting next to mum holding her hand, whispering encouragement, singing songs, telling her how much we all love her and waiting. Waiting for any sign that she will be OK and come through this. We take one step … [Read more...]