Child Abuse happens with someone you know and trust. How to teach your child to say no.

I was asked by Marita from Stuff with Thing if I could write a post on how to empower child on the spectrum or with different needs to protect them against child abuse. I was honoured to consult with  Holly-ann Martin the founder and Managing Director of Safe4Kids  who wrote this post on protecting our children from child abuse. I believe this advice can help all children. Children that may need … [Read more...]

ProBlogger Event 11 Easy Peasy Tips

ProBlogger Event 11 Easy Peasy Tips Just over a year ago I attended my first ever Blogging Event, where I fumbled, felt out of my comfort zone and winged my way through, since then I have attended a few more blogging events where I still fumble, feel out of my comfort zone and wing my way through. This is the wisdom I share stuff I have learnt. There are LOTS of people going, many of us will … [Read more...]