Giving Away 3 copies of “Parenting in a Digital World: Stop fighting, start connecting”

“Parenting in a Digital World:Stop fighting, start connecting” is the new book by Parent Educator and counsellor and Easy Peasy Kids associate, Martine Oglethorpe from The Modern Parent. This book takes a comprehensive look at how our ‘real world’ parenting helps determine the experiences our kids have in using technology and the online world. I love that this book focuses on understanding … [Read more...]

Building Empathy in children: Do you have kind eyes?

  Kind eyes doesn't mean you are a soft touch. Kind eyes doesn't mean people can walk all over you. Kind eyes simply mean you care. You care about yourself and you care for those you meet. Care doesn't mean you love or even like them. Care means you take a moment to perhaps think of the bigger picture in that you haven't walked in their shoes and you don't live their life. Kind eyes grasp … [Read more...]

Sensory Processing “Understanding the way children learn, behave & play”

Sensory Processing "Understanding the way children learn, behave & play" Sensory processing is being able to use information received through all senses to understand what is going on around us. The sensations received  from hearing, sight, tastes, smell, touch, pressure and movement, are analysed by the brain which processes the sensations. Most people spend their days surrounded by a … [Read more...]

Managing conflict. A story of chalk and cheese…

Managing conflict. A story of chalk and cheese… Pretty much every morning my nine-year-old daughter can’t seem to get ready for school. Not every morning. But lots. It ends in tears. Not always. But lots. It is fair to say it’s a source of ongoing conflict – and it’s very hard to manage! Even when she is trying to get it together, something ‘happens’ to make it all fall apart – in the final 20 … [Read more...]

Child Behaviour: Why Children Bite and how to stop it.

Children Biting "Bite Me!" In all the years I have worked with children let me firstly reassure you that biting is completely normal. I know that as the parent it can make you feel shocked and embarrassed when your child is the biter and you worry about the reaction from other parents, teachers and anyone else who witnesses or overhears that your child bit another child. If your child has been … [Read more...]

Helping Change Behaviour. Puppets on a string – Review.

Puppets  help change behaviour Personally I love Puppets, I use all types of puppets when I work or should I say play with children. I have over thirty finger puppets,  home made sock puppets and I have the Royal Theme puppets/marionettes that I purchased from Romantic Flair Original. I use the Puppets with the children I work with as they help me communicate at a fun level many different areas … [Read more...]

Fussy Eaters – Be one step ahead with Magic Ting Tongs!

Fussy Eaters, children like to be in charge Children who are fussy eaters are normally just going through a phase. A phase where they want to exert their newly found independence (can be seen as stubbornness) and they want it their way, no matter what. It can also follow an illness where they diet may have changed and then they do not want to back to their regular eating habits. A change of … [Read more...]