Easy Peasy Kids: Apple Print Painting

Here's something that we enjoyed creating on a cold and rainy day.  There wasn’t anything particularly special about this activity; to be honest they may not even make it to the fridge display. It was as simple as providing the materials and watching my girls explore and create happily. Create they did, some simple yet wonderful Apple Print Paintings. Why apples? mostly because they were looking … [Read more...]

Sensory Processing “Understanding the way children learn, behave & play”

Sensory Processing "Understanding the way children learn, behave & play" Sensory processing is being able to use information received through all senses to understand what is going on around us. The sensations received  from hearing, sight, tastes, smell, touch, pressure and movement, are analysed by the brain which processes the sensations. Most people spend their days surrounded by a … [Read more...]

Child communication “Sticks & stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” ….

Child Communication -What you say is important! "Sticks & stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" Uhmm, Wrong! Your words are the most powerful and influential source on your child's behaviour and the values they start to believe in. Your words can make your child feel on top of the world or confused and upset. Child communication means watching what you say Words influence … [Read more...]

Boys and Dolls “My son plays with dolls. Will it make him Soft or Gay?”

Boys and Dolls My follow up to the fabulous  post by Kate from Picklebums on  "Boy's don't play with dolls or do they?" I do get ask many questions regarding what appropriate toys, boys should be playing with, what long term effects it will have on them and my two regular questions are in the context of boys and dolls "Will it make him soft?" and "Will he be gay?" I can only put these questions … [Read more...]

Dress up games “I’m Dressing Up Today – Lady In Red”

Dress up games are fun Today my hubby is having a Birthday Party, for approximately 70 friends. Now normally I'm not much of a dress up person and I am a happy girl in jeans and a t shirt. Then I remembered my teenage years back in the 80's, getting ready to gout out with my girlfriends use to take me a whole afternoon. Just getting my hair to look big was a major task, plus I had to wear every … [Read more...]

Praising children “My Sh!t Dog” by Mr 5.

Praising children  This is a piece of school work, written phonetically by my son when he was five and in prep I love the way young children write as their innocence comes alive on paper. Praising children; tell them the reason  His teacher has praised and commented on his work, with the reason as to why it's good. When you praise a child, it is  important to explain why you … [Read more...]

Nursery rhymes “The Grand Old Duke of York has left the building….”

Nursery rhymes let's keep singing them He had 10,000 men, He marched them up to the top of the hill, then he marched them down again. When they were up, they were up and when they were down they were down, they were down. And when they were only half way up they were neither up or down. Nursery rhymes we grew up with Can you remember singing your heart out to Nursery rhymes. The Nursery ryhmes … [Read more...]