But how do I change my behaviour?

So you really want to change? You feel down in the dumps, flatlining at the end of the day, it was a tough day, most days are and you get through them. We all have bad days, some people have absolutely horrific days everyday. My perception of my bad day, will not match yours. They are non comparable. There are far too many factors making us who we are alongside our own personal situation to … [Read more...]

Behaviour: Beating myself up. It is all my fault. I only have myself to blame.

Are you a self blamer? I am. When things do not got to plan, it is practically always my fault. I grew up with this self blame notion and am pretty sure I have an it is all my fault gene.  I could and still can apply it is all my fault to pretty much anything. From not being picked to join a team even though I had trained so very hard to blaming myself in moments of being bullied. My fault gene in … [Read more...]

My Happy Place Day Twenty Four

My Happy Place Day Twenty Four My Happy Place today is knowing that everyday I am managing to find happy moments even after a crazy busy day. I am happy that although exhausted I managed to get back in time and read to Mr 6. I read for twenty minutes and said time for sleep now and Mr 6 offered me $10 to read to the end of the chapter. I read to end and let him keep his $10. Makes me happy he … [Read more...]

Boys and Dolls “My son plays with dolls. Will it make him Soft or Gay?”

Boys and Dolls My follow up to the fabulous  post by Kate from Picklebums on  "Boy's don't play with dolls or do they?" I do get ask many questions regarding what appropriate toys, boys should be playing with, what long term effects it will have on them and my two regular questions are in the context of boys and dolls "Will it make him soft?" and "Will he be gay?" I can only put these questions … [Read more...]