Where did I put my Happy?

Where did I put my Happy? Thanks to Kids Business for giving me the opportunity to contribute to their Happiness inspires Happiness blogs. Happiness is one area that I strive to have  a little of everyday. So much so that I  run a monthly challenge a while back called My Happy Place as I  was really struggling to feel happy as caring for my mum who has Alzheimer's was taking its toll on me. … [Read more...]

My Happy Place Day Twenty Eight

My Happy Place Day Twenty Eight Well that weekend went a little quickly, as it always does. I had a lovely weekend, I took the day off yesterday and chillaxed with the family and a gorgeous girlfriend that came around.  We had a barbeque and sat around talking, having a drink or two five - bliss. So Saturday was a very Happy moment that lasted all day. Today was also good but what I have in … [Read more...]

My Happy Place Day Twenty Four

My Happy Place Day Twenty Four My Happy Place today is knowing that everyday I am managing to find happy moments even after a crazy busy day. I am happy that although exhausted I managed to get back in time and read to Mr 6. I read for twenty minutes and said time for sleep now and Mr 6 offered me $10 to read to the end of the chapter. I read to end and let him keep his $10. Makes me happy he … [Read more...]

My Happy Place Day 15

My Happy Place Day 15   Today I am happy because of Easy Peasy Kids. I really love what I do. I love working with children and they give me happy moments every single day. I work or should I say play with toddlers and school aged children and I get to hang out with teenagers. My passion for child behaviour started when I was a child myself. I always wanted to know why someone was … [Read more...]

My Happy Place Day 14

My Happy Place Day 14 My happy place today is all about friendship the beautiful friendships I have made throughout my life both back in school and right up to now. But it is also an apology to my gorgeous girlfriends both here in Australia and back in the UK at my absolute slackness in keeping in touch over this last year. My only excuse is that life has got in the way. Life has just been busy, … [Read more...]

My Happy Place Day Five

My Happy Place Day Five     Today my Happy Place is right here as I type, I look forward to coming into my office and spending  sometime remembering my Happy moments, especially when the week has been very busy. This morning I felt I should catch up on a heap a work, I owe many guest posts and some reviews and give aways, yet for some reason or another I was not really in the mood, … [Read more...]