My Happy Place Day Twenty Eight

My Happy Place Day Twenty Eight Well that weekend went a little quickly, as it always does. I had a lovely weekend, I took the day off yesterday and chillaxed with the family and a gorgeous girlfriend that came around.  We had a barbeque and sat around talking, having a drink or two five - bliss. So Saturday was a very Happy moment that lasted all day. Today was also good but what I have in … [Read more...]

Manners for children starts with YOU ! Thank you

Manners for children they learn what they see I went out for dinner last night, a last minute impromptu decision with my hubby and kids.  We went to a delightful Thai restaurant where the food was divine and the service was great. The downside for me, was observing and listening to the other people having dinner there and their lack of basic manners. They treated the staff, with no respect. They … [Read more...]

Kindness Poem

Kindness  Kindness is my favourite word. Kindness begins with loving  and accepting who you are. Kindness is an essential value. Kindness is what we must teach our children. Kindness is so much better than nastiness. Kindness makes us feel good. Kindness does not mean you want some thing back. Kindness is being thoughtful. Kindness is a smile. Kindness is a please and thank you. Kindness … [Read more...]