Where did I put my Happy?

Where did I put my Happy? Thanks to Kids Business for giving me the opportunity to contribute to their Happiness inspires Happiness blogs. Happiness is one area that I strive to have  a little of everyday. So much so that I  run a monthly challenge a while back called My Happy Place as I  was really struggling to feel happy as caring for my mum who has Alzheimer's was taking its toll on me. … [Read more...]

My Happy Place Day Twenty Eight

My Happy Place Day Twenty Eight Well that weekend went a little quickly, as it always does. I had a lovely weekend, I took the day off yesterday and chillaxed with the family and a gorgeous girlfriend that came around.  We had a barbeque and sat around talking, having a drink or two five - bliss. So Saturday was a very Happy moment that lasted all day. Today was also good but what I have in … [Read more...]

My Happy Place Day Twenty Six

My Happy Place Day Twenty Six Well that's another busy week nearly over and I'm happy that I'm able to still post even though I'm pretty tired. Although busy, I've had some awesome connections with both my children this week, both of them getting mummy time. Which  I am always very aware of. Here I am working with so many children, yet at times have minimal time to spend with my own two … [Read more...]

Love Bites

Love Bites - At the Supermarket Today Mr 6 accompanied me on the thrilling and exciting trip to the supermarket for our weekly grocery shop. I say thrilling and exciting because with children you just never know what could happen in any moment of any regular day. Mr 6 had helped with the writing of the shopping list so that it spanned across 3 pages of A4 paper with his BIG writing and the … [Read more...]

Love: Where’s the passion ?

Love The words "I love you"are the most powerful words, I know in changing behaviour someone's behaviour. Your behaviour by loving who you are, your children's behaviour by loving them for who they are, your partner's behaviour, your family and friends behaviour by appreciating and loving who they are. We all get caught up in up in daily life routines, that many things that we use to be … [Read more...]

Kindness Poem

Kindness  Kindness is my favourite word. Kindness begins with loving  and accepting who you are. Kindness is an essential value. Kindness is what we must teach our children. Kindness is so much better than nastiness. Kindness makes us feel good. Kindness does not mean you want some thing back. Kindness is being thoughtful. Kindness is a smile. Kindness is a please and thank you. Kindness … [Read more...]

Apologising “Saying Sorry with Cherry Ripes”

Apologising is the next step After an extremely hectic and stressful at week (nothing new there), with deep issues to deal with at work ,that by the end of Friday , I wasn't sure how I was going to cope with the amount of work piling into the office and the neglect of my household chores. I was obviously tired as my tact and thinking brain left me late on Friday and I manage to  inadvertently to … [Read more...]