Blogging & Twitter Behaviour 101

Blogging & Twitter Behaviour 101 I work with child behaviour but I am a big observer of adult behaviour too and  see similarities in both. When I am working with children the first point I get across to parents is that I am on the child's side as I endeavour to unravel why the child is behaving a certain way. I believe that children do not do anything with deep malice or intent but are … [Read more...]

Teenage Poem “Frustrated”

 Frustrated It feels as if small rubber balls are bouncing inside of me, As a wave of nausea engulfs my body, A cold shiver runs down my spine Causing my limbs to feel tired and lifeless. My brain pounds against my skull, Trying to remember everything I supposedly should. Preparing me for what might lie ahead. Isolated The balls are bouncing higher, forcing their way up my throat. I … [Read more...]

Kindness Poem

Kindness  Kindness is my favourite word. Kindness begins with loving  and accepting who you are. Kindness is an essential value. Kindness is what we must teach our children. Kindness is so much better than nastiness. Kindness makes us feel good. Kindness does not mean you want some thing back. Kindness is being thoughtful. Kindness is a smile. Kindness is a please and thank you. Kindness … [Read more...]

I love you Mummy Poem

I love you Mummy I love you Mummy you are the best I love you Mummy you make me laugh I love you Mummy you give amazing cuddles I love you Mummy you rub my back I love you Mummy you have sparkly eyes I love you Mummy when you wipe my tears I love you Mummy when you smile I love you Mummy when you are dancing I love you Mummy  you read me books I love you Mummy when you drive the car I … [Read more...]