101 Life Tips from Children

I have all the great kids I work with for these wonderful life tips, hope you find them as helpful as I have ;) Mr 6 " When you love someone don't kiss them on the bum but on their face" Miss 5 "Poo and chocolate can look the same on your hands, so don't take chocolate to the toilet" Mr 9 " When you play computer game with your dad, let him win once" Miss 6 "When you finish eating dinner say … [Read more...]

Blogging and social media: The Unofficial Guide of Do’s and Don’ts.

My confession; twenty months ago I didn't know what a blogger was. Glad to say that has changed and today I do consider myself a part-time sporadic blogger. Do I love blogging? The simple answer is yes. Why do I love blogging? In one word; connecting. Connecting with others that relate to the words I have written in a post and vice versa. I too connect with the words written by another blogger. … [Read more...]

Alzheimer’s; The long goodbye “I love you mum”

Alzheimer's; The long goodbye "I love you mum"   As many of you have shared my journey with my mother and her Alzheimer's I want to thank you all so very much from the whole of my heart for all your support, your beautiful messages, the gorgeous flowers, the heartfelt written cards, messages and comments and the very thoughtful gifts. The blogging community of inspiring friends has come … [Read more...]

Family Movies “Be Footloose and Flashdance back to your Tweens”

Family Movies what is suitable? The lovely Colin Wee from Superparents, many weeks ago asked me if I wanted to help put together a list of suitable movies for Tweens. Due to a number of work commitments my response is very late and I can only hope Colin forgives my tardiness. His great post Rated PG Tween: No more a Boy. Not yet a Man, offers some fantastic movie choices from the past and recent … [Read more...]

I love you Mummy Poem

I love you Mummy I love you Mummy you are the best I love you Mummy you make me laugh I love you Mummy you give amazing cuddles I love you Mummy you rub my back I love you Mummy you have sparkly eyes I love you Mummy when you wipe my tears I love you Mummy when you smile I love you Mummy when you are dancing I love you Mummy  you read me books I love you Mummy when you drive the car I … [Read more...]

Visual Aids For Children

Visual Aids for Children assist in behaviour management At Easy Peasy Kids I get a lot of enquiries on how to implement certain rules or boundaries in controlling child behaviour. In my experience I find simple visual aids a fantastic tool to use with children  who are  two years and older. Children need to understand clearly what behaviour is expected from them at a level they can comprehend … [Read more...]