Building Empathy in children: Do you have kind eyes?

  Kind eyes doesn't mean you are a soft touch. Kind eyes doesn't mean people can walk all over you. Kind eyes simply mean you care. You care about yourself and you care for those you meet. Care doesn't mean you love or even like them. Care means you take a moment to perhaps think of the bigger picture in that you haven't walked in their shoes and you don't live their life. Kind eyes grasp … [Read more...]

101 Life Tips from Children

I have all the great kids I work with for these wonderful life tips, hope you find them as helpful as I have ;) Mr 6 " When you love someone don't kiss them on the bum but on their face" Miss 5 "Poo and chocolate can look the same on your hands, so don't take chocolate to the toilet" Mr 9 " When you play computer game with your dad, let him win once" Miss 6 "When you finish eating dinner say … [Read more...]

What I Have Learned About ADHD

An honest insight into 16 years of living with ADHD by Louisa Simmonds from Midlife Mayhem I don’t believe in sugarcoating ADHD or looking at the disorder through rose-tinted glasses. Raising a child with ADHD is hard work and can be challenging and frustrating for parents. But although children with ADHD may test the very boundaries of your patience as a parent, these kids are pretty cool in … [Read more...]

Manners for children starts with YOU ! Thank you

Manners for children they learn what they see I went out for dinner last night, a last minute impromptu decision with my hubby and kids.  We went to a delightful Thai restaurant where the food was divine and the service was great. The downside for me, was observing and listening to the other people having dinner there and their lack of basic manners. They treated the staff, with no respect. They … [Read more...]