Giving Away 3 copies of “Parenting in a Digital World: Stop fighting, start connecting”

“Parenting in a Digital World:Stop fighting, start connecting” is the new book by Parent Educator and counsellor and Easy Peasy Kids associate, Martine Oglethorpe from The Modern Parent. This book takes a comprehensive look at how our ‘real world’ parenting helps determine the experiences our kids have in using technology and the online world. I love that this book focuses on understanding … [Read more...]


Dear PBEVENT Thank you for the huge belly laughs. Champagne coming out my nose was a bonus. Thank you for the hugs that came exactly when they were needed. Thank you for sharing your stories with me, life does throw us huge curve balls. Thank you for the one to one moments where we talked about nothing too deep and everything that hurts. Thank you for caring and checking whether I needed … [Read more...]

Facebook Behaviour: To err is human but not on Facebook.

Facebook has interwoven itself  into many of our lives in that it is a daily integrated routine, like brushing teeth or making the school lunches. On waking  it may possibly be one of the first things you now do, as you log in to check your Facebook page. I know I do. Logging onto my business page Easy Peasy Kids to check if everything is running smoothly (no nastiness against comments or people … [Read more...]

Child Behaviour Consultancy Easy Peasy Kids has a new home

Nearly three years ago I decided to follow my dream of working with children and changing their behaviour and I established Easy Peasy Kids. My dream is now very real, I live it everyday and I'm totally loving every single moment. My initial dream had also factored in; more time at home, no stress being my own boss, seeing families and children perhaps once a week which would allow for heaps of … [Read more...]

Problogger Event – Turning your dream into reality.

This post is not about what I learnt from attending the awesome sessions at Problogger as I only attended the initial and ending speakers keynote and a lounge session on monetization. Picking up the general gist through Twitter and from speaking to attendees and friends. One word keeps coming up 'dream'. Dream is a beautiful word it encompasses something we want with a fiery passion. The dreams I … [Read more...]

Problogger Event: The most important item to bring.

This is not a packing list. I admit I am not a very organised person, so if you have a packing list please let me know in the comments section. Or come round next Thursday morning and help me throw my stuff into a suit case. This post is about you, who you are, how you feel about attending and the connection that brings us all together at an event like this which is obviously blogging. The most … [Read more...]

Blogging: Are you blogging for the right reasons?

Two and half years ago I began blogging, prior to this I use to write my thoughts up on my Easy Peasy Kids Facebook page. I honestly didn't know that anyone could set up a blog and write. Thinking you had to be well-known somewhere on this planet to have readers. Being a newbie and having no preconceived ideas was pretty awesome and often embarrassing. My naivety approved spam comments "I love … [Read more...]