Problogger Event: The most important item to bring.

This is not a packing list. I admit I am not a very organised person, so if you have a packing list please let me know in the comments section. Or come round next Thursday morning and help me throw my stuff into a suit case. This post is about you, who you are, how you feel about attending and the connection that brings us all together at an event like this which is obviously blogging. The most … [Read more...]

What Fear are you afraid of unconsciously teaching your child?

What Fear are you afraid of unconsciously teaching your child? I have an irrational fear of spiders. I have no idea what started my fear, I never remember it not being there. I can still remember an occasion when I would have been about eight years old or so and my mother was very sick in bed so I was watching TV in the lounge room by myself, when a hand sized huntsman crawled out from behind the … [Read more...]

Stress and anxiety, throw in some guilt and you have GAS!

Stress and anxiety GAS is my abbreviation of guilt, anxiety and stress. Just writing about GAS makes me feel slightly guilty, stressed and anxious. I hear mothers everyday through work, at school and on  Twitter, Facebook  and their Blogs say these words everyday. "I feel guilty that I haven't spent enough time with my kids" "When I get up in the morning I feel anxious about the day a … [Read more...]