Problogger Event – Turning your dream into reality.

This post is not about what I learnt from attending the awesome sessions at Problogger as I only attended the initial and ending speakers keynote and a lounge session on monetization. Picking up the general gist through Twitter and from speaking to attendees and friends. One word keeps coming up 'dream'. Dream is a beautiful word it encompasses something we want with a fiery passion. The dreams I … [Read more...]

Problogger Event: The most important item to bring.

This is not a packing list. I admit I am not a very organised person, so if you have a packing list please let me know in the comments section. Or come round next Thursday morning and help me throw my stuff into a suit case. This post is about you, who you are, how you feel about attending and the connection that brings us all together at an event like this which is obviously blogging. The most … [Read more...]