Blogging – All you need to know to start your own Blog

Blogging - Who wants to start a Blog? Last week on Facebook I posed the question "Who is interested in starting a blog?" the response was phenomenal. So this is for all you who are thinking about blogging or are a new blogger still finding your blogging feet. I am very honoured that the inspirational Louisa Claire from Brand Meets Blog is happy and willing to assist you in making your wish of … [Read more...]

Helping Change Behaviour. Puppets on a string – Review.

Puppets  help change behaviour Personally I love Puppets, I use all types of puppets when I work or should I say play with children. I have over thirty finger puppets,  home made sock puppets and I have the Royal Theme puppets/marionettes that I purchased from Romantic Flair Original. I use the Puppets with the children I work with as they help me communicate at a fun level many different areas … [Read more...]

Wooden Blocks – Planks of Fun! Review.

Wooden Blocks - Planks a new dimension  I have always loved children playing with Wooden blocks  and now we have wooden Planks, created by Cam Lee from  The Green Hat Workshop. My initial impression of the planks was "Oh a box of Planks", they are all identical in size and are made of pine. So I called in my Mr 6 and a team of children I work with, to see what they made of the Planks. Wooden … [Read more...]

Communicating with Children – Never Presume

Communicating with children Seeing the world through the eyes of a child, is an amazing way to gain an understanding of what they see and how they interpret certain situations. I have been using the Story Starter Cards, produced by Leaf , with my son who is six and some of the children I work with, aged four to twelve. I found the Story Starter Cards to be a great way of starting a conversation … [Read more...]

Fussy Eaters – Be one step ahead with Magic Ting Tongs!

Fussy Eaters, children like to be in charge Children who are fussy eaters are normally just going through a phase. A phase where they want to exert their newly found independence (can be seen as stubbornness) and they want it their way, no matter what. It can also follow an illness where they diet may have changed and then they do not want to back to their regular eating habits. A change of … [Read more...]

Visual Aids For Children

Visual Aids for Children assist in behaviour management At Easy Peasy Kids I get a lot of enquiries on how to implement certain rules or boundaries in controlling child behaviour. In my experience I find simple visual aids a fantastic tool to use with children  who are  two years and older. Children need to understand clearly what behaviour is expected from them at a level they can comprehend … [Read more...]