Dear Mum

  Dear mum I hope you are as well as can be considering the situation. Me? I'm doing good, still crazy busy at work and loving every moment I'm with children. Very similar to when you use to tell me the wonderful stories of how much you loved working with children as a paediatric nurse. I don't enjoy all the business stuff and grown up decisions but I'm getting there and yes my desk is … [Read more...]

21 Days of Tiny Steps to a Happier Me

Any type of behavioural change takes time. There are some truly amazing people that can decide to change something and can do it overnight. I am not one of these. My head is full of wonderful intent yet  lacking the go and get them attitude when it comes down to the crunch. I can beat myself up over pretty much anything and the words "It's my fault" replay in my head on a daily basis. The irony … [Read more...]

Motherhood – Totally Unprepared and I still am!

Motherhood - Totally Unprepared!   Nothing in the world can prepare you for Motherhood.  No matter what you read or get told. There are not enough adjectives, verbs or nouns to describe Motherhood. I remember very clearly when one of my best friend from school had her first baby. My beautiful, super organised, glamourous girlfriend; opening the front door, looking absolutely petrified, … [Read more...]

My Happy Place Day Eight

My Happy Place Day Eight This is probably my shortest post ever as I am about to dash out the door, for Miss 15's School Speech night. This morning when I realised Speech night was on, my heart sunk and I thought here's four hours of my life I will never get back. Throughout the day, this thought changed to accepting tonight as a time to reflect on my daughter. A daughter who I am so very proud … [Read more...]

Balancing Life -Who are you kidding ?

  Balancing life -My list. Everyday I get asked "How do you do it all, how do you get everything done?" How do you balance your life?  Want to know my secret? OK here goes. I  have two children, Mr 6 and Miss 15. I  have a husband and we've been married 18 years. I care for my mother who lives with us and has Alzheimer's. I am a child hood behaviour consultant, parent counsellor and teenage … [Read more...]

Communicating with Children – Never Presume

Communicating with children Seeing the world through the eyes of a child, is an amazing way to gain an understanding of what they see and how they interpret certain situations. I have been using the Story Starter Cards, produced by Leaf , with my son who is six and some of the children I work with, aged four to twelve. I found the Story Starter Cards to be a great way of starting a conversation … [Read more...]

Mother fail? I’m not perfect…

Mother fail is normal Mother fail is reality, here are just some of mine Forgot to get my daughter Miss 15 an American Visa she was nearly sent home from her hockey tour. Nearly hit a man on his red moped yesterday in the city (sorry mate). No clean uniform for my kids some mornings No laundry done for 2 days My bedroom is a mess My bathroom is a mess Went to a meeting on child behaviour and … [Read more...]