Unicorns aren’t real but Breast Cancer is.

This Mother's Day, I am dressing up in my unicorn onesie, putting on my runners and carrying a pink unicorn as I am participating in the Mother's Day Classic, in Melbourne and raising funds for breast cancer research. Every extra dollar I raise through fundraising goes towards vital research into the prevention and cure of breast cancer. I have the support of a great team Bust-A-Move. Although … [Read more...]

Alzheimer’s; The long goodbye “I love you mum”

Alzheimer's; The long goodbye "I love you mum"   As many of you have shared my journey with my mother and her Alzheimer's I want to thank you all so very much from the whole of my heart for all your support, your beautiful messages, the gorgeous flowers, the heartfelt written cards, messages and comments and the very thoughtful gifts. The blogging community of inspiring friends has come … [Read more...]


Hugs are powerful A hug can speak louder than a thousand words. Sometimes all that is needed is a simple hug. Adults and children alike need hugs . A hug makes us feel special, a hug makes us feel wanted, a hug makes us feel appreciated and loved. A hug means you are not alone. Hugs have so many meanings A hug can say I am sorry and a hug can say I love you. A hug can make you feel welcomed and a … [Read more...]

My Happy Place Day Twenty Seven

My Happy Place Day Twenty Seven My Happy Place today is realising how much music keeps me going. I listen to all types of music. I play music in the car, when I wake up, when we have dinner and at least once a day I have a dance. The dancing can be on my own, with the kids , or as a family, there are no set rules. Mr 6 dances his little booty off everyday and has dance moves that I have no idea … [Read more...]

My Happy Place Day Twenty Six

My Happy Place Day Twenty Six Well that's another busy week nearly over and I'm happy that I'm able to still post even though I'm pretty tired. Although busy, I've had some awesome connections with both my children this week, both of them getting mummy time. Which  I am always very aware of. Here I am working with so many children, yet at times have minimal time to spend with my own two … [Read more...]

Moving Out !

Moving Out ! We had packed the car up with all the necessary requirements for my son’s moving into halls of residence at university. I didn’t for a minute expect how this would impact on my life. Oh how I was looking forward to having the kids flown the nest and having time to do things as a couple that in the years of rearing children never seem to happen as their needs always seem to come … [Read more...]

Family Movies “Be Footloose and Flashdance back to your Tweens”

Family Movies what is suitable? The lovely Colin Wee from Superparents, many weeks ago asked me if I wanted to help put together a list of suitable movies for Tweens. Due to a number of work commitments my response is very late and I can only hope Colin forgives my tardiness. His great post Rated PG Tween: No more a Boy. Not yet a Man, offers some fantastic movie choices from the past and recent … [Read more...]