Love Hurts A Lot……..

Love Hurts A Lot...   I loved our knotted fingers, Happily drowning in your backwards embrace, Not bothering to fill the silence We joked about being Romeo and Juliet. We pulled each other through, day to day But just as quickly pushed away Ripping apart the binding tendrils We can’t grow them back now because of her. It was unlike you, but you don’t regret it. Why did you settle … [Read more...]

Crying Teenager

Crying Teenager They say that crying is not a sign of weakness, but a sign that someone has been strong for too long. It somehow helps the pain but at the same time seems to make it so much worse.­ I try not to break down in front of my friends even though we know we all feel the same. The people who pretend to be okay seem to be the ones suffering the most. We all want someone to care but … [Read more...]

Teenage Poem “Friends”

Friends Like a warm blanket on a cold day A flash of light, in a pitch black sky A comforter, a friend. A stake holding up a sapling The foundation of a house A supporter, a friend. A secret keeper A diary A listener, a friend. Like a manual to a machine A directory to a city. An advisor, a friend. An ice-pack to a bruise Water and sun to a growing flower A helper, a … [Read more...]

Teenage Pain

Teenage Pain The pain is like a knife peeling an apple. Deeper and deeper the wound gets. Taking ever so longer to heal. I want it to end. To stop the knife Bring an end to this incessant pain. My brain is tired, fatigued, exhausted. But my body keeps me here. Awake. You’d get used to it, wouldn’t you? A knife stabbing at your skin. No, you wouldn’t What you thought would get better … [Read more...]

Teenage Poem “Frustrated”

 Frustrated It feels as if small rubber balls are bouncing inside of me, As a wave of nausea engulfs my body, A cold shiver runs down my spine Causing my limbs to feel tired and lifeless. My brain pounds against my skull, Trying to remember everything I supposedly should. Preparing me for what might lie ahead. Isolated The balls are bouncing higher, forcing their way up my throat. I … [Read more...]