Crying:The Language of Tears By Pinky McKay

Crying: The Language of Tears By Pinky McKay Pinky McKay mentored me last year, to have Pinky guest posting here is an honour. It seems there is nothing like infant crying to stir up confusion and strong feelings among mothers – and anyone else who wants to offer their ‘two bobs worth’. How often do we hear, crying is good for the lungs (like bleeding is good for the veins?), or if you pick him up … [Read more...]

Crying Teenager

Crying Teenager They say that crying is not a sign of weakness, but a sign that someone has been strong for too long. It somehow helps the pain but at the same time seems to make it so much worse.­ I try not to break down in front of my friends even though we know we all feel the same. The people who pretend to be okay seem to be the ones suffering the most. We all want someone to care but … [Read more...]

Crying mother

Crying Mother it's OK Crying (disambiguation) Crying is the human production of tears in response to an emotional state. Do you ever have one of those days, where the tears just keep flowing? Well mine was yesterday. No matter how much I tried to keep it together, the waterworks would keep coming on and off all day. Yesterday was one of those highly tensed and stressful days dealing with a … [Read more...]