Behaviour; What do you find unacceptable?

Behaviour; What do you find unacceptable? It has been an emotional year on many fronts, not only for me but for many of you, such is life an ever changing situation, that we cannot control. As a child I craved adulthood imagining that as a grown up it would be easier to change and comprehend the ins and outs of human behaviour and the complexity of our world. Why does someone abuse a child? Why … [Read more...]

Your Childrens’ Drawings

Your Children's Drawings I'm a little excited over the moon and happy to announce that my first book is nearly ready. I've decided to go with an e-Book of 365 daily insights into child behaviour. The book will consist of all my daily tips and further observations of why children behave the way they do and the techniques I have found help improve their behaviour and sometimes even yours ;) It … [Read more...]

Crying Teenager

Crying Teenager They say that crying is not a sign of weakness, but a sign that someone has been strong for too long. It somehow helps the pain but at the same time seems to make it so much worse.­ I try not to break down in front of my friends even though we know we all feel the same. The people who pretend to be okay seem to be the ones suffering the most. We all want someone to care but … [Read more...]