My Happy Place Day 14

My Happy Place Day 14

My happy place today is all about friendship the beautiful friendships I have made throughout my life both back in school and right up to now.

But it is also an apology to my gorgeous girlfriends both here in Australia and back in the UK at my absolute slackness in keeping in touch over this last year.

My only excuse is that life has got in the way. Life has just been busy, very busy but having my Happy Place has made me reflect on this crazy busyness and how I want you all back in my life with a lot more frequency.

You have all made me have some of the best Happy moments ever.

My Happy Place with Girlfriends

I know that just by writing this list it will evoke happy memories for each of you gorgeous women in my life.

I also know we will have many more together, I’ll be calling everyone of you over the next few days and reconnecting from where we left off.

It is hard to keep constantly in touch but I miss it and I want us to make more happy memories together again and I promise to make more time for our friendships.

Godmothers both myself and you
Amsterdam – The Supper Club
Expensive candles – Hammersmith Odeon
Tenerife holiday  – Cocktails
Barcelona Holiday – Speed boats and motorbikes
Athens – Jugs of Pimms
Mr Dines – Maths Teacher
School Reunion
Laughing hysterically in a workmans cafe
Birth of my children
Canal Boat
Ebony & Ivory
Westside Story
School Parties
Maths Tutor
Girl Guides
Loss shoe in the mud
Driving holiday – wrong destination
Running through airports
Pool parties

I’m sure we all have some wonderful memories with our girlfriends , I know I’ll always treasure mine as they always make me happy.

A gorgeous friend from Australia would like me to share this picture she made

“This picture just makes me smile so much, I had to share it.”

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  1. debbie says

    Its been a bit of a crazy afternoon here Miss 5 got stung badly by a blue bottle. Then a few hours later Miss 3 fell of a skateboard and split open her chin needed gluing and butterfly tape. Its been sad but in the sadness there was my happy moment the feeling of holding them in my arms and knowing that my touch comforts them. They were both so brave. All is good now and my beautiful babies are sound asleep.

  2. Georgie U says

    Happy place = The All Blacks winning the Rugby World Cup… (Am I still welcome here?) Plus letting my boys stay up late to watch was loads of fun.

  3. We just had dinner at my Mum’s with my husband and kids, my brother and his girlfriend. It was lovely- it’s Mum’s birthday tomorrow. And (though I hate to say it), it was even better because Mum’s partner was away tonight, which is why my brother and his girlfriend came. It was far more relaxed than usual. It’s a pity it has to be that way, but it was so nice to see them there.

    • Lovely to hear you had a great family dinner. It is Ok to say that it was better without someone there, hence is life and you had a happy moment which is what the challenge is about xx

  4. Natalie Villa says

    Happy place today… A selfish moment. Today, hubby took the two kids to the park and I had a WHOLE 45 minutes to myself. Yeah, I felt terrible for not going with them, but I needed a time out.
    So, for half an hour I put my music on really loud and headed for the treadmill.
    When they got home, I was finishing up and they showed me pics of them at the park… Did I still feel guilty? Not really, I felt energized and relaxed. The kids & hubby missed me which was nice and I missed them too. So, what did I learn… A little space is good!

    • That’s not selfish, the amount we do 45 minutes for you is required for you and your gorgeousness. You felt revived at that’s the important thing here xx

  5. Sandra Fragoso says

    I had a great day cleaning out my bedroom. WHAT!! U may think..but as I cleaned I found heaps of things which had great memories. One very special one was a necklace & earrings Nat AKA @NutellaV gave to me on the day of her Daughter’s Confirmation! I felt very privileged to have sponsored her & enjoyed every moment of that day!

  6. For me, if it’s not in my face, it tends to get fotgotten about, especially when life is nonstop busy busy busy. But the greatest part about friends is you CAN pick up where you left off, without judgement, without snarky, without all the butthurt, and just laugh laugh laugh! Have fun this week, reconnecting!
    My happy place is the swirling ideas I have in my head to create. It has been so long since I was creative, I am missing it terribly. But all the pseudo creations in my head are making me happy…I just hope they come out as good as I imagine!

    • Yes you can just pick up with friends that’s what friends are for and why they are your friends. Good to see that your creative vibes are flowing xx

  7. Sharon says

    OMG You are the only person I know that has ever even heard of The Supper Club in Amsterdam never mind actually been! People think I have made it up, dreamt it or was on some mind altering substance. I had a very happy evening here for my friends 40th. I read about it and secretly booked it for her birthday, it was totally an amazing unique experience never to be forgotten, See what you did? you just took me to a happy place 🙂 mwah xx

  8. Kate – My Dear Angel says

    I love that list of memories! And I am sure the girlfriends will get a thrill out of remembering the moments too.

    I had a hard weekend with the kids, but, no matter how frustrating my Master Two was, he always made me smile and be happy. He is big on manners (yep, very proud mother here) as his sister was as a young thing too. I might be saying ‘Come on please, eat your dinner’ or ‘I think we should change that dirty nappy now’ and always, he would say ‘no’ but it would make me smile, as it was always a very sweet ‘no thank you’. It has caused many laughs around here lately.

    I especially love the very random ‘thanks’. Such manners when you least expect it. It blows me away when I really haven’t done much at all and I hear a quite ‘thanks Mummy!’. I feel very happy when appreciated like that! Such a contrast to when I first meet my husband. It is not common to say ‘thanks’ in the Cuban community and it is absolutely shocking to experience. I cannot even begin to explain the reasoning, as it still baffles me. Something along the lines of ‘don’t want to make the giver feel awkward or that the receiver expected whatever it was that they should be thankful for…’, no, I cannot put it in writing, too very confusing. So glad it hasn’t passed onto my son!

    • Its tough sometimes to find the Happy moments but as you are doing it is the very simple things that are making you smile -love their manners xx

  9. We are packing up our home of 20 years to move to our new home. I am sad to leave this house, where I came home a bride, where each of my babies were brought home from hospital, the place of many many many parties, and memories of love and laughter. I’m happy to be moving to our new house, a new stage in our lives, a place where new memories will be made, and lots of new nooks and crannies waiting to be filled with many more years of love and laughter…

    • Bron wow that is immense, reminds me of when I left the UK, you will always have the memories and like you say you will create so many more in your new home. The home is the shell its what’s inside that counts. You are and your family are an amazing force xx Good luck with it all 🙂 Ps: Leave a bottle of red accessible you’ll need a glass later.

  10. My Happy Moment is a bit late, internet troubles here… but it was watching my two kids playing at a school music festival with some other “little” kids. And one of the big girls commenting on how beautiful and well behaved they are. Made me think, maybe I do get some of it right, some of the time! Sooz.

    • Sooz we all do what we can and it is so lovely when someone comments about how beautiful and well behaved your children are 🙂
      I bet it was wonderful watching your children xx

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